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3 Lipsticks Perfect For Valentines Day

Another year and another Valentines Day, a reason to get dolled up and feel your most confident self. The day also comes with a number of decisions to make. What dress is best? Heels or flats? What lipstick should I wear? Well this post is here to help.. with the last question at least.

3 Lipsticks Perfect For Valentines Day

*NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in the shade Ruffle Trim
A beautiful peachy pink tone that will last all day and is perfectly kiss-proof. A shade that’s suits everyone and fits the soft romantic vibe of Valentines Day.

3 Lipsticks Perfect For Valentines Day

*MAC Satin in the shade Brave
It may not be as long lasting or smudge proof, but it should still be a contender. Brave is the most desirable warm pink that is only emphasised by its satin finish. A creamy texture that will forever feel comfortable whilst you enjoy your date.

*Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Plath
Sick of pink vibes? Time to spice it up with some red tones and this is the perfect lipstick for just that. My current favourite and a lipstick that almost lasts forever.. almost. Plath is the most gorgeous warm mahogany that oozes confidence without looking over the top.

Brave, Ruffle Trim, Plath

3 Lipsticks Perfect For Valentines Day

What’s your favourite?

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