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5 Tips To Remember When Blogging

I’m in no way a blogging-pro (and probably never will be) but over the last few months since starting this blog, I have been learning some tips. These tips may be helpful to you and that’s a good enough reason to share them.

5 Tips To Remember When Blogging

Write for yourself
Putting it bluntly, if you wouldn’t read your own post, why should anyone else? Loving what you write is key to not just making blogging an enjoyable hobby for yourself, but also for making your posts relatable to your audience. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty obvious when you read a post whether or not the blogger behind it has a true passion in what that are sharing. If you don’t believe it, no one else will either. It’s also much easier writing about the things you love and “Bloggersblock” will be much easier to overcome if you have some passion on your side.

Don’t get caught up in stats
It’s easier said than done (I’ve been there) but it’s important to not obsess too much over stats. Why? Stats can be disheartening no matter how hard you try and that can be very demotivating. Don’t let stats keep you from creating great content and be patient. Stats and your audience grow overtime not overnight.

Take photos in natural light
Winter can be every bloggers nightmare when it comes to taking photos. Natural light drastically helps improve the quality of blog photos, so if you have some spare time before the moon makes an appearance be sure to take bulk photos. Trust me it can be very handy when you are working long shifts.

5 Tips To Remember When Blogging

You have spent ages perfecting that one blog post. The photos are dreamy and you have finally mastered a flatlay but now what? It’s time to promote so start pushing that post on Twitter, Instagram and any other social media accounts otherwise who is going to see it?

Be social
The blogging community is a friendly place full of great advice and lots of support so don’t be afraid to be social. Help support others and they are more likely to do the same for you. Plus it’s always nice to make new friends and see other great content from the bloggers around you. It can be very inspiring.

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  1. February 4, 2018 / 11:34 am

    These tips are so useful!

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