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Affordable Props To Make Your Photos Stand Out

One of my favourite elements of blogging is taking the photos for each post. Whether it involves a flatlay or a product closeup, I just love it all. Of course I’m clearly not a professional photographer but I try to up my photography game as I go and these are the simple and fairly cheap props I like to use.

Affordable Props Me Your Photos Stand Out

Flowers & Plants
An all around blogger favourite I would say, fake or real. I get overly excited when I’m treated to flowers and that’s mainly because it comes with the additional bonus of becoming an extra touch to my blog photos. Sometimes it’s just what a photo needs.

Patterned Card & Wallpapers
We have all seen a good looking marble-backed photo used by the majority of beauty bloggers. Well I’m just as much of a fan with the marble look but let’s face it, not everyone has a house that’s dripping with marble and other expensive looking materials. I opt for a cheap wallpaper or card that does the trick just as well. Plus it’s easy to move when you find yourself chasing the natural light.

Sequins & Ribbons
You’d be surprised how well a simple scatter of sequins can make a photo look complete. It’s something that I have found to be the completion of some photos that would otherwise look bare and you don’t really have to put any effort into it. Strips of curled ribbon can have a similar effect too and adds a small pop of colour.

Affordable Props Me Your Photos Stand Out

Small Dishes & Trays
Small objects that can provide a new way of displaying your products are a must in my eyes. It’s not needed for ever photo but it can be very handy for a fresh feeling photo. Metallic trays, china dishes, they all do the trick.

Not to everyone’s taste but being such a hoarder of candles, I like to use them every now and then. Sometimes they fit and sometimes they don’t, but I like the homey feel they can portray. Would you agree?

Affordable Props To Make Your Photos Stand Out


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