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Apps I Use For Editing Blog Photos

Ok, so not just blogging but for Instagram too. Yes I use pretty much the same methods when it comes to editing photos for both of these areas, which could well be considered a mistake to the bigger bloggers out there. Take this post with a pinch of salt because as I have mentioned a number of times, I never consider myself to be the best in the blogging world, I just like sharing what I like. Bit vain? Well let’s just get on with it.

Apps I Use For Editing Blog Photos

IPhone Photo Edit
That’s not the official name but what else would you call it? Only recently did I discover the awesome power of the IPhone editing options to its true potential. Considering I take all my photos on my IPhone (7 Plus to be exact) I start here. Don’t underestimate the power of the Light options. I tend to mess around with the brilliance, brightness and contrast, but of course this all depends on the original photo. I love the options provided and it’s made a huge difference to my feed in the last few weeks.

I give complete credit to Maria at MariaJ for ever discovering this amazing app. With so many beautiful filters to choose from (both free and paid) and editing options to fully perfect your image, it’s nothing less than incredible. This is the app that trumps all others when it comes to filters and trust me I have tried a few. Surprisingly the free filters are just as desirable and high quality as the rest. One of the biggest pleasing factors for me is the “save + grid” option which allows you to get an idea of how your Instagram grid will look with your newest image. It’s amazing.

A fan favourite and one I used almost everyday. Admittedly since ColourStory entered my life I haven’t been very loyal to VSCO but I’m not ready to fully delete it and say my goodbyes just yet. This is a great app with beautiful filters and plenty of options to create your desired image. Of course Pinterest is overloaded with VSCO filter combos that are huge when it comes to Instagram feeds and themes, but for me I seem to have found a bigger love elsewhere. I’d still recommend to anyone looking for their ideal photo editing app.

Apps I Use For Editing Blog Photos

What apps have you been using lately? I’d love to know.

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