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Beauty Product Let Downs

It’s not often I try out a new beauty or hair product and come to the conclusion that I don’t like it. Over the last few months I have stored a small amount of products that unfortunately happen to fit this category. It’s not to say that you won’t have a better result with these particular products, but for me I just don’t click with them.

Beauty Product Let Downs

Batiste Instant Conditioner
I am an avid fan of dry shampoo, in fact putting it bluntly I don’t go a week without using it. So when Batiste (a brand that I know and love) brought out an instant conditioner I had high hopes for amazing results. This product claims to “give your hair a burst of conditioning goodness“, however for me this just wasn’t the case. Sadly all I found was my hair looked quite greasy (much more than before) and in much need of a good wash. I tried this out a few times hoping that my first couple of uses had bad results due to spraying too closely, but annoyingly the results never improved.

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara
This mascara can only be summed up as a total gimmick and it pains me to say that. Claiming to give your lashes ultimate volume without any clumps, it all sounds ideal.

The idea of the “shakable bottle” is something that made me really curious at first glance. The overall use of shaking the bottle is to prevent the product from drying out, which is one of the biggest annoyances when it comes to mascaras, wouldn’t you agree? As I said, I found this to be nothing more than a gimmick. The overall packaging is hard to store due to its large, bulky and somewhat heavy bottle, plus the actual formula doesn’t have much effect to the lashes. There are plenty more mascaras I would prefer to use.

Beauty Product Let Downs

NYX Eyebrow Gel
I hardly ever have anything the slightest bit negative to say about a NYX product. I have heard a lot of great things about this eyebrow gel and it annoyed me that I didn’t have the best first impressions with this particular product.

Although it is highly pigmented I just can’t get on with it no matter how many times I try. For me personally I find the formula quite difficult to use when trying to achieve a sharp brow shape and I find other products much easier to use from both NYX and other brands. Maybe a gel just isn’t for me.

Beauty Product Let Downs


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