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New Candle Obsession : DW Home Candles

I don’t know about you but I love hunting around TK Maxx for new goodies, more specifically candles. I came by DW Home candles a few months ago and since then I head straight over to the candle section hoping to find more. They really are that good and I picked up three on the weekend.

New Candle Obsession : DW Home Candles

Vanilla Melon
The dreamiest combination of sweet and freshness, ideal for a Summers day. This is a candle that you can really smell during its time of burning without it being too overpowering. The hints of melon are more powerful but the after hit of vanilla is a great addition. The scents really do compliment each other.

Brushed Cashmere and Patchouli
Made with a combination of gorgeous ingredients including smoked sandalwood, vanilla, spiced caramel and more, this is a delight to light. Admittedly this isn’t the usual scent I would go for as I gravitate heavily towards overly sweet scents, but this one grabbed my attention. There are subtle sweet hints which I adore but the overall candle creates a relaxing atmosphere and I’m never going to complain about that.

New Candle Obsession : DW Home Candles

Honey and Bourbon
Let’s be honest, I was totally sucked in by the beautiful packaging of this candle. The flecks Of gold just called me and I love the rose gold disk lid. Even if I never planned on lighting this, I probably would’ve considered buying it to take place of a shelf. Thankfully it smells incredible too with its subtly sweet aroma. This is by far my favourite of the three.

DW Candles have definitely stomped my heart lately. They always have beautiful packaging, impacting scents and lasting burning power. If you love a candle, you will love these.

New Candle Obsession : DW Home Candles

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  1. March 6, 2018 / 9:37 am

    I have recently got into buying candles as my mum has finally caved and will let me burn them in my room (if I’m careful!). These candles sound divine and I will definitely be browsing T K Maxx the next time I visit! Are they strong scented when you burn them?

    Tabitha x

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