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3 Setting Powders You Need To Try

For the longest time I hadn’t given much thought into setting powders and presumed a small, cheap powder would do the same job as any other. I was so wrong and lately I have been trying out a ton. After a lot of investigating and multiple makeup sessions, I have found my top 3 setting powders that really make a difference.

3 Setting Powders You Need To Try

*Maybelline Master Fix
This translucent powder was a huge surprise when I first tried it out. The quality for a drugstore product is just incredible and the powder is a fabulous addition to anyone’s makeup bag. The powder itself is a very fine and delicate consistency which led me to believe that the powder wouldn’t be drastic when trying to set my Tzone. As you can imagine the powder blew my expectations out of the park (otherwise it wouldn’t be on this list). The power of the product is amazing and my usually oily Tzone has been tamed even after multiple hours of wear. It’s a fabulous product and at such a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong.

Make Up Forever HD Powder
I knew absolutely nothing about this powder before trying it out. During one of my random TK Maxx makeup snoops (which can be really great for deals on high end makeup by the way) I happened to come across a selection of Make Up Forever products, the HD powder was of course one of them. This powder has taken over when it comes to weekend makeup and I am loving it. The powder really locks everything into place and doesn’t cling to unwanted areas. It’s very light but still manages to make a big difference and having used it so many times now, I would definitely repurchase.. even at full price.

3 Setting Powders You Need To Try

*Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder
The most hyped about luxury setting powder that everyone has heard about. I decided that this was worth a splurge to compare against high street products. I was curious to see how different this powder would be in quality due to its price tag and actually I’m undecided. Yes it does lock down everything you need it to and it feels light and luxurious, but I’m not sure it adapts to all of my foundations too well compared to others. Sometimes it just doesn’t mix well and can create a slight cakey effect on my Tzone, then again there are times when this is nothing but a dream to use. Strange right? I’m still glad I picked it up but I’d say I’m still exploring.

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