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7 Simple Ways To Ensure Your Makeup Lasts All Day

Is there anything more frustrating than spending an hour perfecting your makeup, only for it to have disappeared after a few hours? It’s a pain to say the least but thankfully there are a few tips that can help combat this little issue and ensure you look freshly flawless for longer.

7 Simple Ways To Ensure Your Makeup Lasts All Day

Moisturiser is your friend
Applying a layer of moisturiser before your makeup can be a real life saver. It helps prevent uneven buildup, such as dreaded cakey patches and acts as an extra barrier on your skin.

Primer is another friend
It still baffles me when people tell me they don’t use a primer. Primer is another fabulous product that prevents product from seeping into your skin and basically disappearing.

7 Simple Ways To Ensure Your Makeup Lasts All Day

Look out for Longwear products
Yes some foundations even say it in the title. Longwear products can be amazing for longevity and thankfully not all longwear products feel thick and heavy on your skin. One of my personal favourites right now is the Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation (more about it here).

Setting powders are a must
To set the T-zone and under eyes you should use a setting powder. Setting powders help lock in product in all the right places to ensure you look as fresh as possible throughout a long day. Here are 3 of my favourites right now.

A little bit more is ok
Applying an extra layer of foundation doesn’t always mean it will look heavy. An extra thin layer of foundation can go a long way but it’s completely down to personal preference.

7 Simple Ways To Ensure Your Makeup Lasts All Day

Lock it in
Setting sprays are a absolute necessity in my books. A couple of spritz can lock everything into place making sure your products aren’t going anywhere. I highly recommend Urban Decay’s raved about *All Nighter or for something a little cheaper, try the *NYX Dewy Setting Spray.

Blot don’t apply more
Common mistake when your oily areas start to appear is to apply more powder. This can result in a less than attractive cakey patch and no one wants that. Instead try some blotting papers to gently tap away unwanted oils.

Volia! Makeup that will last longer.

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