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Haircare On Trial : OGX

It’s no secret that my hair is in a bit of a state right now. I have in the past neglected my hair and there’s been the not so occasional home dye kit that never really ended well. Late last year I decided enough was enough and to put my trust into a new hairdresser (mainly because my old one relocated). This was the only hairdresser I had a good experience with and needless to say I wasn’t too impressed with the last one when I left the salon with 3 colours in my hair and only one of them being a permanent dye. Finding a good hairdresser is hard work for some people and I’m one of them.

Haircare On Trial : OGX

Bucking up the courage and knowing I want to look my best on our wedding day, I searched for a new salon and booked in. I was introduced to a fabulous hairdresser who put it to me straight and suggested I try and pamper my hair with nourishing products while she does the rest. Story time over and I’m taking her advice.

Introducing the *OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo and *Conditioner. I haven’t been using these for long but I have never been so impressed with haircare products. It’s not often I see much of a difference from a shampoo or conditioner but these are on a whole new level. Packed with coconut milk and egg white (not as gross as it sounds) these are great for restoring hair and maintaining nourishment of your locks. Of course the added bonus of a strong coconut aroma is great too. My hair has been feeling incredibly healthy and the condition has really improved.

To keep topped up after washes I am also trying out the OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil which claims to leave hair feeling soft, shiny and to help damaged hair. I’m not going to complain about that. The oil only adds to the other products and all of course compliment each other. The added softness is greatly appreciated and it’s not sticky either, thank goodness.

Haircare On Trial : OGX

The last product I’m trying out is the *Ogx Coconut Oil Weightless Hydrating Oil Mist. This mist is designed to encourage hydration and keep hair looking silky between washes. As much as I enjoy using this product, I will say that it takes a little getting use to as there’s a fine line between silky and greasy hair.

Haircare On Trial : OGX

I guess you could conclude that the OGX range is pretty impressive and I’m definitely excited to continue to use these fabulous products. Like a spa treatment for your hair, yes please.

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