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How I’m Hitting Those 2018 Goals

It should say SOME of those goals to be honest but come on it’s only just turned March. If you wasn’t aware at the beginning of the year like so many others, I posted a list of my 2018 goals that I am hoping to achieve. I so strongly don’t want to lose sight on the goals I set myself and every now and then I have a look back to see if I’m on track. This list of goals is here.

How I’m Hitting Those 2018 Goals

Sign up to Tailwind
By this point nearly every blogger and social media-pro has heard about Tailwind, the program that allows you to schedule Pins and Instagram posts at the most impactful times. You also gain help regarding the best hashtags to use for audience growth. It sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well after a free trial I decided to start paying for full advantage and since then I have a lot of thoughts.

Firstly be sure to read the small print, I’m not knocking Tailwind by any means but I was a little disappointed that you have to pay separately for an Instagram and Pinterest account. Although my Instagram is slow-growing, I opted for Pinterest and I think this was a great choice for me. With the Pinterest option I am able to add and change time slots for posting, schedule pins and add to tribes. Since exploring these options my Pinterest has been on the rise and some of my pins have gone wild which is just amazing. I will say that Tribes are not my favourite and I’m still learning the ropes. More on the that soon.

As for the Instagram area of Tailwind, I still haven’t used up my free trial and on a rare occasion I give it a go. It’s not my favourite but it can be a great tool.. when it works. Every now and then I have the frustrating issue of hashtags not being copied over to the Instagram posting area, which basically defeats the purpose of the Tailwind tool. Thankfully it’s not a constant issue and still worth you exploring for yourself.

How I’m Hitting Those 2018 Goals

Take part in a blogging course
Ever heard of an app called Udemy? Well it’s a great place full of a huge number of courses, both paid and free that cover so many topics. I found a course about all the little blogging tips and it’s given me such a blogging boost over the last couple of days. I’m loving learning about the things I enjoy, in fact it’s incredibly refreshing. Not all courses are at a college standard so it’s not a replacement for education if you are looking for that, but for a boost in a subject you enjoy it’s just perfect and you can work at your own pace.

What are your goals for 2018? I’d love to know how they are going.

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