Journal No.9

It’s Friday and I’m so glad! This is the first weekend in so long that is actually free for me to just take some time to chill and get back on track with blog posts. I’m not going to lie, the last couple of weeks have felt really draining and demotivating for me, so I’m desperate to build myself back up again. I loathe being un-organised!

Journal no.9

So I’ve been a busy bee lately with a combo of work, family visits and photo-shoots etc and I have never felt so tired. The photo shoot was a completely new experience for me, but one I’m grateful for (find out more here). Something else that is a little different for me is how I’m adapting to new eating habits. Now I know that I have always struggled with snacking and basically boredom eating. Who hasn’t? The last few months I have had those moments of “a good day” followed by a couple of “bad days” and I never quite got the hang of just an easy balanced diet. Lately I was encouraged to use the My Fitness Pal app for some assistance and I am loving it. I never thought that calorie counting was for me and was concerned that I would be the type to become obsessed over numbers, but thankfully this app doesn’t give that effect. I treat it more like a tracker and it’s really encouraged me to look at what I’m eating and when. It’s been a real eye-opener and I have been sticking to a better diet really well. I highly recommend if you are trying to gain a healthier life style and/or lose a little bit of weight (like myself).

What else has been going on? Well I have been thoroughly enjoying getting a few bits ready for the honeymoon which I know isn’t until November BUT I am excited! I personally love going on holiday with a new wardrobe of clothes and every month I have been looking for a few bargains to store away. The collection is growing and it’s helping me feel organised and honeymoon-excited.

We picked up our wedding rings! Did I tell you that already? Well, either way I’m thrilled it’s finally done and something else has been crossed off the long list of wedding reminders. I’m going to sound really unromantic here, but does anyone really enjoy planning a wedding? For me it’s just stressful trying to get everything together and knowing when to pay everyone. Still, I’m looking forward to the big day and there’s not too much time left.

Well that’s my little update for you, more like a load of ramblings. What have you been up to?

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