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5 Professional Blogger Themes Under £15

I remember starting out my blog journey using Blogger and wondering how all the other bloggers made their blogs so clean and professional looking. Surely they had invested hundreds of pounds in custom designs right? As it turns out I gradually realised that there were multiple sources of blogger themes available for a lot less money. I have mentioned a few of these sources here.

5 Professional Blogger Themes Under £15

So why are themes so important? If you think about it, how many times have you been on a website and clicked off because it wasn’t ascetically pleasing or it was too difficult to navigate? It’s really important when trying to grow your blog that your readers can clearly locate your content without getting flustered before giving up, otherwise what’s the point of putting so much effort into your writing?

If you are just starting out the last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money trying to make your blog look professional. The good news is you don’t have to spend a great deal to achieve this and I have found five clean, professional and ascetically pleasing themes that are all under £15. Where have I found these? Etsy and although I haven’t tried and tested all of these designs, I have definitely dived into Etsy themes before. They are easy to download, easy to install and they usually come with good customer assistance if needed. So let’s take a look at the designs that I know you are going to love.

Asterism by Maria Gall
This design is the perfect example of clear navigation. You can make this theme your own with it’s customisable colours and fonts, plus it comes with a few widget options and it’s a responsive design so can be read on all devices.
Live view

Rosamund by Fearne Creative design
This is a beautiful design that happens to also be a best seller. It comes with a desirable post slider feature and a few other great additions. You can choose from different layout options too, so if you are a fan of the grid style like myself, this theme would be perfect.
Live view

Lena by Templates By Kate
This has to be one of my favourites. This theme is very unique and will certainly look like there was a lot of effort put into your blog design. It’s clean, easy to use but with a totally new look compared to many other blogs.
Live view

5 Professional Blogger Themes Under £15

Parisienna by Templates By Kate
There are a number of beautiful designs on this Etsy store and this happens to be another theme that caught my eye. Perhaps the most elegant of all the designs and very easy to use. Readers will be able to immediately see a snippet of your latest posts and take note of your fabulous photos.
Live view

Madilyn by Syncboost
Sometimes the best blogs stick to a minimalist look and this theme is just that. A responsive design and customisable options are ideal for any blogger starting out. This design will really make your content speak for itself.
Live view

*Please note that these particular themes are only for the Blogger platform. A post regarding WordPress themes will be up soon. To keep updated on new posts, please click the subscribe button on the right side of this post*

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  1. April 15, 2018 / 7:42 pm

    Thanks for this Holly! Ive been looking for a minimalist theme for a while now but just couldn’t attach myself to one. The Asterism is exactly what ive been looking for and it worked a treat! Great recommendation!

    Kylie | http://www.firstforeverything.co.uk

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