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An Interview With Maria

MariaJ was another first blog I read when I was starting out. With such incredible images and fascinating subjects, it’s no wonder why Maria’s blog is so popular. So popular in fact that Maria ended up chatting about the “Blogger World” on the BBC and she did a great job of it too. I remember watching this in awe and I feel pretty much the same amount of admiration when reading Maria’s posts. Of course I can’t forget to mention her beautiful Instagram as well, let’s face it Maria has Instagram nailed and you can really see why.

I was over the moon when Maria agreed to take part in my new interview series and her answers are totally inspiring. You can take a look at my previous interview with the lovely Hayley Hall here, but with out any more waffle as to why Maria is so amazing (because she really is) let’s get on with it shall we?

An Interview With Maria

What were your reasons behind starting a blog?
Honestly I was just bored! I had just started working full time after coming out of education, I used to spend days off revising or doing homework and now I had free time so I just needed a hobby. I was working in boots at the time and I was surrounded by beauty, so I decided I wanted to write about it.

Can you tell us 3 things you wish you knew when starting your blog?
I always say I wouldn’t change anything because I think everything happens the way it should.. but if I were to go back I definitely would’ve instagrammed more, I never thought of it as a separate valuable tool, it was really an after thought. I started pre algorithm too so it was easier to grow back then, if I had known I would’ve put in the effort early! Honestly I think everyone’s “journey” ( I hate that word) is different, and I’m glad I knew absolutely nothing to start off with, it means I’ve learnt so much and I’ve done everything completely off my own back. If you start off already knowing where you are with things it’s less fun, so tackle things and learn as they come along.

Who are your favourite bloggers right now?
Honestly I have so so many, Victoria from InTheFrow is an obvious one for me because I really followed her before I ever thought about starting my own blog. She really just keeps upping her game. It changes all the time but a couple of people jump to mind at the minute like Lydia Millen, she has become a recent obsession for me, I love watching her vlogs and her blog posts have hit a new high recently, she’s definitely a favourite of mine. Liv Purvis from WhatOliviaDid too, I love her style and Chloe Plumstead who’s IG stories I love watching – she’s short like me so I get great tips on where to buy stuff from her!

What advice would you give to new bloggers?
Honestly just enjoy it, do this because you love it and never try to force anything. I know sometimes I won’t be in the mood to write a post but I will feel like I have to, that’s when nothing works – it’s way more productive to put everything down and go and do something offline for a while, then come back and get down to it.

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment from blogging?
I don’t like to be THAT person who brings it up but when I was interviewed on bbc breakfast, that has to be my biggest accomplishment. Just the fact that doing something that started out as a hobby, something that some people still thought was a little bit stupid got me on the tv! I find it hilarious and amazing at the same time, I’m not sure I can top it.

How do you stay “blog motivated”?
I focus on covering topics I’m enthusiastic about and then I find I never have a problem with motivation; if you’re trying to write about something you’re not enthusiastic about there’s no way you’ll feel motivated to complete the task – but if you’re really interested in the subject it’ll come naturally! Also just pushing myself to go further and top my best, it means I never stagnate or get bored. Even if it means changing up what you’re doing regularly!

An Interview With Maria


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