Bringing In The Spring With Lush

Nothing quite beats a trip to Lush and I decided to treat myself to a few bath products whilst exploring the Spring range. Although the whole Lush store is constantly filled with the most beautiful, delicious smelling goodies, I somehow managed to stick to a limit of 3 treats. So, here’s what I picked up.

Bringing In The Spring With Lush

What came first?
Whatever came first, I really don’t mind as long as I have one of these snazzy bath bombs. This particular bath bomb is a little bigger than your everyday bath bomb and there’s a reason why. Before you take a soak, crack the egg to find a surprise. Now I haven’t tried this out for myself yet (so don’t quote me) but I have heard that this bath bomb’s surprise allows you to use the product for more than one bath session. Intriguing right? Surprises aside the bath bomb smells amazing due to its fruity ingredients of lemon and grapefruit oil. The balmy formula also claims to help nourish your skin. What could be better than that?

Cream Egg
Il give you 3 guesses for why I picked up this one? Don’t get confused, this is no chocolate treat but it’s definitely going to last a lot longer than a chocolate egg. Much like Lush’s other fabulous bubble bars, all you have to do is simply crumble a small amount under running water for perfect bubbles. What’s that tasty scent? That would be the sweet aroma of mint-chocolate.

Bringing In The Spring With Lush

April Showers
I’m not really a fan of the rain but this makes me feel a little better when it comes to the not so delightful British weather. This offers a completely different scent due to its combination of cedar wood, cypress oil and violet leaf, all of which make for ultimate bath relaxation.

Well what are you still doing here? Grab your purse and get down to your nearest Lush store!

Bringing In The Spring With Lush

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  1. JustTheBeginning-x

    April 5, 2018 at 9:25 am

    I definitely need to arrange a little trip to Lush! I have a couple left from Christmas but these are so cute!

    Tori |
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