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First impressions : Drops Of Youth Foam Wash

You may recall that I mentioned this very recently in my Beauty Lust List post and I was eager to give the Drops Of Youth range a go. This is arguably one of the biggest ranges that carries a lot of hype when it comes to The Body Shop products and I hadn’t yet dived into it until now.

Drops Of Youth Foam Wash

Drops Of Youth comes in a variety of formulas including drops, eye gels, creams, peels, lotions.. you name it, but I opted for the gentle foam wash that just so happens to be a new product. For me personally I love a foam formula due to its delicate texture and gentle impact. I do after all have sensitive skin and finds foams to be a great addition when it comes to cleansers.

So, the claims? According to The Body Shop, the Drops Of Youth Foam Wash is a non-drying face wash that leaves the skin feeling smoother, softer and renewed. For ultimate results the foam should be used twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. I have only been using this for a few days and although I can’t say I have noticed huge results, I can see differences to my skin. My face does feel smoother and maintains a soft texture for longer in the day, which ultimately is what it says on the tin. I’m still waiting to see how this effects my unwanted breakouts that have been making appearances due to the heat, but there’s no claims for breakouts so I won’t be making any expectations.

Regardless of what I just mentioned, I am really enjoying using the foam wash and it acts as a perfect skin top up after a hard days work. It’s a treat to my skin and it’s certainly made me curious about the other products in the Drops Of Youth range. Future spree? I think so!

First impressions : Drops Of Youth Foam Wash

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