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Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation Review

Now I know I’m a little late to the game when it comes to the *Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation but we all know how difficult it can be trying to get your hands on the right shade, especially when there’s 18 shades to choose from. I picked up 2 just to be safe (F3 and F4) and now I can finally make my own opinion on the new foundation.

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation Review

Need help finding your shade? This might help

First off, this is the first time I have ever dived into a stick foundation and in all honesty I have never been overly interested. I presumed for a long time that the formula of a stick foundation would be hard to blend and a little patchy but when the hype surrounded the Revolution Stick I took a chance regardless of being apprehensive.

With a prepped faced, moisturised and primed, I took action and applied the foundation. Now I don’t know the best way to apply a stick foundation so I basically felt like I was doodling on my cheeks, nose etc. Either way this method seemed to do the job and I was pleasantly surprised by the effortless glide of the formula. Blending was also effortless with a damp blender sponge and a medium to high coverage was easily achieved. My pores and unwanted red patches were concealed and the foundation created an even, natural and dewy finish. This was another bonus as I’m having issues with matte textures on my skin right now.

I’m really enjoying this foundation as it turns out and I’m really pleased I tried something a little different for me. I’d definitely be more open to stick foundations in the future and if anything, I’d say this was a foundation perfect for travel due to its easy application process. It’s one you should try for yourself and as it’s so cheap at a cool £5, can you really turn it down?

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation Review


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