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The Blogs You Need To know About

Now this may not be the most conventional way to start a blog post but I thought I would start with a little rant due to the fact that this is the second time writing this post. Not for pure enjoyment that’s for sure but down to the fact that seconds before moving my mouse towards the save button.. we had a bloody power-cut. How infuriating is that?! Well I have learnt my lesson, had a mini rant (sorry about that) and now I’m looking at this as a new and improved version. Take two!

The Blogs You Need To know About

In the last month I have been diving heavily into so many new posts and started following blogs I never knew existed. Believe me I wish I had found them all so much sooner. Blogger support is so important to me and I thought what better way to start off the new month than sharing my new blog loves with you.

Queen Beady
Bee is a fabulous 27 year old blogger who creates the most interesting posts regarding a number of subjects, including travel and lifestyle. My favourite post happens to be “3 things to stop you failing” because I’m all for a positive boost and at the time, I really needed this for a good kick up the ass. It worked. Not only are Bee’s posts gripping, she has also completely mastered a theme with photography that’s totally beautiful and unique to any other blogger I have seen. This just happens to be another reason why I keep coming back for more.

Helene In Between
To say the Helene is a blogging genius would be a total understatement. Helene’s blog is one of my go-to’s for blog knowledge because seriously there is an answer for anything and everything. It’s not just blogging either, need some Insta help? This blog will help with that too. It’s basically my new best friend.

A Branch Of Holly
Whilst I’m already on the subject of Blooging-Guru’s, I may as well mention this little gem too. Holly (great name I know) tells you everything you need to know to up your blogging game. Whether you are just starting out or feel like an absolute pro, I can guarantee you will learn something new. If you don’t feel like a read maybe you would prefer to check out her YouTube channel instead which is just as amazing.

The Blogs You Need To know About

More About Cat
I randomly came across the post “21 things no-one tells you about being a blogger” and it was the perfect read for me. I’m telling you it just spoke to me and since then I have been visiting Cat’s blog over and over again. Of course I like to dive into the blog category (as if you couldn’t guess by now) but there’s plenty other categories that draw me in too like travel and of course beauty.

Bang on Style
Doesn’t the name alone sound intriguing? Well it certainty called out to me at least. This blog actually appeals to me for something a little different, that happens to be the DIY posts that all look so beautiful and surprisingly achievable. Who doesn’t love a gold ring holder or a pom pom cushion? Yes there’s so many beautiful things on here, but actually one of my favourite posts is “7 styles of flat lay & how to shoot them“.

Em Talks
This is the latest addition to my go-to blogs and it’s so bloody addictive. I love the honesty in Em’s posts and I feel like I chat to her as I read (you know in a totally normal/non-creepy way). There’s such a mix of content from SEO tips to beauty product reviews and even an ice cream recipe! My fave post? That has to be “blogging as a full time job; freelance tips, freelance life” because this relates so much to my ambitions and how others around you don’t quite understand. It was a real hallelujah moment.

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