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4 More Ways I Want To Improve My Blog

It wasn’t too long ago that I had a rejig and changed up my methods to improve my blog. I really saw the benefits of it and now I’m forever looking for ways to improve even more.

4 More Ways I Want To Improve My Blog

Fashion related content
This isn’t necessarily considered an improvement to all bloggers but it’s something I’ve wanted to explore more on Thimbles And Spoons. I love looking at different trends and accessories but it’s something I haven’t been overly confident when it comes to sharing.

Body confidence isn’t something I’m going to pretend I have a lot of but sharing more fashion content may be a boost I will really benefit from. Being a big reader of other blogs, I tend to gravitate towards this type of content a lot more lately so I’m excited to see what I can bring to the table.

Comment on other blogs
One thing I’ve been really slacking on is leaving comments on other blogs. Terrible I know, but I’m determined to change it. There’s really no excuse is there? I read posts all the time and it only takes a few seconds to jot down a line or two. I know I really appreciate the comments I receive and let’s be honest, more times than not you get back what you put in.

Plan my keywords
I’ve been pretty strict when it comes to keywords on my post and try to push for the most searchable and appropriate keywords before clicking the publish button. It sounds easy enough but sometimes it doesn’t matter what I try, that darn keyword just isn’t good enough. I want to boost my content to the best I can so I searched for some tips and came across Keyword Finder which has been so useful, you should take a look for yourself.

Up my photography skills
I’m not a photographer by any means but I do love exploring ways to improve my skills. I’m happy with my theme but I want to change my methods and explore new angles and props. I will definitely be investing more time and little money into this, plus I’m a sucker for Photoboards at the moment.

4 More Ways I Want To Improve My Blog

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