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5 Things Almost Every Beauty Blogger Does

Have you ever thought about the changes blogging has made to your everyday life? How you think about things differently? I’ve noticed a few things I do now and things I know other beauty bloggers do too. Are you guilty?

5 Things Almost Every Beauty Blogger Does
Go into stationary overload
Nothing makes you feel so blog-organised as a new notebook or 4! There’s cute printed books everywhere and for some reason we just can’t say no. Before you know it there’s stacks of pretty books, rose gold paper clips and post-it notes everywhere. They do at least make for a good Instagram shot and you can’t beat that feeling of a fresh book.

Look for Instagram shots everywhere
Let’s admit it we have all done this at least once. You know when your taking a stroll or going to grab some food and you spot the perfect backdrop to show off your outfit. Just say pink wall and beauty bloggers will go crazy. And there’s nothing wrong with showing off some tasty treats either.

Treat shopping hauls as investments
Guilty again! Yes I’ve been known to pick up a not-too-cheap eyeshadow palette and told myself that it was fine to buy. Why? Because I’m surely going to blog about it so it’s technically an investment right? Even I’m not 100% convinced but it’s nice to not feel so guilty when I indulge.

Take 1000s of photos of the same thing
Because getting the perfect shot is harder than you think and Instagram is a tough place for new bloggers. Who knew there were so many ways to style a lipstick to get the lighting just right. And this is all before the long editing process even starts. The things we do!

Treat homeware as props
I knew I had changed when I last visited Ikea and thought to myself “oh that set of coasters would be great for a flatlay”. I’m not sure anyone else in the store was thinking the same but I was rather happy.

5 Things Almost Every Beauty Blogger Does

So… it’s not just me right?

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