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Beauty Product Wishlist

I feel like I always have some sort of beauty wishlist on my mind and it just never goes down. There’s definitely a few big products that have caught my eye and I know I will be searching for a few later on in the year (after the wedding). Apparently I’m obsessed with palettes (who knew?!) but there’s a couple of other bits I’m desperate to try too.

Beauty Product Wishlist

Lush Slap Stick Solid Foundation
Lush has a new foundation out. Say what?! To be honest I’m not sure a solid foundation will be the best fit for my skin but I’m willing to give it a go. This definitely has me curious and there’s 40 shades available which is a bit mind blowing if you ask me. Who knows what the coverage will be like? I want to find out.

Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation
Would I buy a foundation purely based on the look of the bottle? No but it certainly helps. Benefit describes the foundation as “Infused with soft-focus optical blurring spheres” and that just sounds amazing. I’m possibly the only one who hasn’t tried a Benefit foundation before so I’m interested to see how this product would work for me. I have steered clear of any hype so I honestly have no clue what the reviews say. I’ll hopefully have me own verdict pretty soon.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes
Because there really are so many I want to try including the Backtalk palette that everyone is talking about, the Born To Run palette and the Beached Eyeshadow palette. All of them look so dreamy and desirable but I may have to hold back until I visit Sephora later on in the year. I’ve never been disappointed with an Urban Decay palette so I have no doubt that these are absolute necessities.

Morphe Brushes
I bloody love Morphe palettes but I’ve always heard so much about their brushes. I grabbed a Morphe M135 Oval Shadow Brush last month not really thinking to much about it and oh my did it change the game! It’s potentially the softest brush I have ever used and now I’m so eager to purchase a set. It’s an amazing brush and I need to try more.

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar palette
Talk about red tones! This palette is screaming at me to buy it, I just can’t quite commit yet. The packaging, the shades, the finishes.. I just can’t take it all in. There’s a space already for it and I’m waiting.

Beauty Product Wishlist

What’s on your list?

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