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I Got Another Tattoo And Used Lush Elbow Grease

I knew from the point I got my first tattoo that adding another one was inevitable (sorry mum). I didn’t particularly know what I wanted but after about a year I booked in for the next and waited for my turn to come around.

I Got Another Tattoo And Used Lush Elbow Grease
So as you can imagine I still opted for a Disney design and considering Disney World is my favourite place in the world.. I decided on adding Cinderella Castle to blend in with my original tattoo. I went to a different shop with great reviews and fabulous designs (I did my research) and my tattooist Shannon was perfect.

I really noticed a difference from my first experience and this proved to be quite a big moment for me. As it turns out this was a time where I had to put my anxiety levels into check and I used methods from my Hypno sessions which actually felt really good. This experience was solely on me (no one to hold my hand as I’m pretty scared of needles) and it could take up to 5 hours. Thankfully it was 3 hours but that was enough for me.

It actually wasn’t that bad, the pain was still bearable as the first time, I sang to the radio, ate sweets and chatted. The design was perfect for me and every possible element like colours and shading were discussed before and during the session. I can’t complain about anything and ultimately the final result is everything I wanted and more.

I Got Another Tattoo And Used Lush Elbow Grease
I always think the aftercare is more annoying than getting the tattoo in the first place. The itchy, peeling stage is just frustrating and so drawn out. I was told that Lush’s Elbow Grease was a great product for tattoo aftercare and I have to completely agree. Elbow Grease comes in a bar but I found it was easier placing into pots for easier, less messy application. It is extremely moisturising and takes a while to soak in but it’s not an issue.

Just be warned that in heat you may want to place the pots in the fridge for awhile as the formula does melt. I applied 3 times a day and it’s worked a treat. Definitely something I would use again… if I add any more ink that is.

I Got Another Tattoo And Used Lush Elbow Grease

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  1. Claire
    July 12, 2018 / 4:18 pm

    Oh no more ink😳😳

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