The Pore Strips That Give A Little Extra

Every now and then I like to take a gamble and try out a new pore strip or two, daring I know.. just call me rebellious. It’s no news that I have always favoured the Biore Charcoal Pore Strips and for good reason. Nothing has ever compared until now. On a recent, much needed trip to Boots I came across the *Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel 2in1 nose strips which were very appealing considering I was on a tight budget.

The Pore Strips That Give A Little Extra
These strips are a little different to the strips I have used before and I was really intrigued to see how effective they were. So what’s so different? This product not only includes 5 charcoal strips for blackhead removal, but also 5 calming strips to be used as a second step to the skincare routine. This is something I feel is quite a unique concept, or at least unique to my own experience.

The charcoal strips were easy to use and not at all messy meaning there’s very little black residue left behind after removing the strip. Much like any other strip, you wet your face and gently apply over the ridge of your nose and leave for approximately 15 minutes (or if you’re like me 15 + minutes until you can be bothered to go take it off). The results are so clear to see, this stuff works and it’s so grossly satisfying. If I really had to make a small complaint, it would only be that I wish the strips were slightly longer on the sides but no biggie!

As for the second step.. is it necessary? I’m not too sure I see big results from using the calming strips but I really like the idea. There’s a luxury feel from using the strip and it’s moisturising on the nose area, especially after ripping away a slightly eye-watering strip. You know what I mean. The tea tree is a very soothing addition so I’m not going to complain and if nothing else, you definitely feel a little more pampered.

The Pore Strips That Give A Little Extra

Since using these I’d say I don’t have a preference between these beauties and the Biore strips. That’s pretty significant for me and if I’m on a budget or don’t fancy the little extra splurge, I’d pick these up without any hesitation. Have you tried the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel 2in1 nose strips? I want to know your thoughts.

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