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Bathtime Treats : Trying Out Zoella Splash Botanics

I’m not totally sure I should be admitting that this is the first time I have dived into the Zoella beauty range. I’m not entirely sure why it’s taken me this long but I do know that when I had my first glimpse of the Splash Botanics range, I was excited to get my hands on the products. Specifically the bath products because I do love a long, relaxing soak in the tub. Who doesn’t?

Bathtime Treats : Trying Out Zoella Splash Botanics

*Drench Me Bath Soak
I mean there’s a lot to be said about the beautiful packaging of this whole range but I was particularly taken in by this carton-style bottle. I have never really seen a bubble bath quite like it and I’d be lying if I said this doesn’t look dreamy on the side with all my other favourite products.

I’ve used this a couple of times now and I figured I didn’t need to hold off making a full blown review because I have strong feelings on this one already. I’m extremely generous when it comes to bubble bath (and there’s still plenty left). The more the bubbles, the better and Drench Me is the perfect formula. Of course you use it like any other bubble bath.. you know, pour into running water and wait for the magic to happen. The bubbles just keep going and going and they smell oh so good! It’s no surprise really considering one main ingredient to Drench Me is coconut water which I’m always a huge fan of and my skin appreciates it too. This is a necessity for a relaxing bath sesh.

Bathtime Treats : Trying Out Zoella Splash Botanics

*Lagoon Love Bath Milk
This is ultimate packaging goals to me, even more than Drench Me. Just look at that little pink hexagon and tell me that isn’t dreamy?

I don’t often (in fact hardly ever) bother with bath milks or salts but I couldn’t resist giving this one a go. This delicate powder gives your bath the extra boost that you never knew you needed until now. After a long soak, my skin felt wonderfully soft and nourished and I smelt pretty good too.. though I don’t like to boast.

I’m certainly going to be looking out for more Splash Botanic products when I’m out and about. I guess this is the start to my Zoella product exploration. Who knew?!

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