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How To Keep Your Readers On Your Blog

For the first year of Thimbles and Spoons my blog traffic was extremely inconsistent. Thankfully nowadays my views are a lot more predictable and regular, meaning I’m not feeling disheartened at the end of the day. I’ve been there, but after making a few changes I found some methods that really helped encourage my readers to keep on reading.

How To Keep Your Readers On Your Blog
Display Popular Posts
For awhile I didn’t display my popular posts in my sidebar, mainly because I thought the minimalist look was more professional. I later realised that it was a free tool that was simple and hugely effective especially as I was jumping to multiple posts on other blogs this way. You don’t have to display hundreds, just four or five to spark some interest before your readers click off your page.

By far my biggest regret is not having the common sense to link back to previous content in my latest post. Now it’s so obvious! I’m not saying just shove loads of links here, there and everywhere, but to place a few links where relevant. For example if you are talking about blog photography apps, you could probably slip in that you wrote a whole post on flatlays or props a few months ago. It keeps with the topic and odds are your reader will be interested in that post too. I went back and implemented this in every post. Now I aim to link previous content in every new post and the results have been great.

Add A Search Bar
A pet peeve when visiting other blogs is when there is no search bar. It may sound silly but there’s been occasions when I’ve seen a post before and wanted to read it again, but do you think I could easily find it? No, which then leads me to giving up and potentially looking for a similar post elsewhere. It’s so simple and we all know how a search bar works. Give your audience the option to quickly find what they are looking for, they could really appreciate it.

How To Keep Your Readers On Your Blog

Write For Yourself
This is an interesting statement and of course you have to consider your audience too but if you aren’t writing content you would enjoy, can you really expect anyone else too? I think it’s pretty clear when a blogger is passionate about what they are writing about and if it feels forced, no one is going to stick around.

Will you be making some changes or have some more suggestions? I’d love to hear them.


  1. September 26, 2018 / 6:41 am

    Great advice! Personally, I’ve found that consistently posting each week has helped.

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