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Why You Shouldn’t Skip On Washing Your Makeup Brushes… Seriously!

Makeup brushes

Let it be known that I am an absolute hoarder of makeup brushes. It’s an addiction and one I’m not going to be stopping any time soon (the Jaclyn Hill Master Brush collection is currently calling me). The only downside to having so many makeup brushes is the dreaded task of having to wash them all. Do I really need to bother? Hell yeah I do and you should be doing the same. Here’s why:

Brushes that have a build up of old product are basically a breeding ground for bacteria. Using dirty brushes on your skin can easily cause irritations and breakouts that let’s be honest no one really wants. Isn’t it gross to think about the oils and dead skin cells that your brush head collects? Just a tad…

Makeup Brushes

So when to clean your brushes and how?

I’m glad you asked. Depending on how often you use your brushes, it’s advised that you give them a full clean once or twice a week. Now this may not be realistic for everyone to achieve (I’d struggle with that) but it gives you an idea at least. I personally aim for once every two weeks. As for the cleaning method, this is all down to personal preference but here is my process.

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