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4 Things I Want To Achieve From Blogging

When I first sat down and jotted ideas down for Thimbles and Spoons, it never really occurred to me that I’d grow whilst blogging. All I knew is that I enjoyed writing and gradually other elements came into play like editing photos and a tiny bit of coding. I soon discovered that other bloggers had made a career for themselves and this became one of my goals, it still is and I’m very honest about it. As much as becoming a full time blogger hugely appeals to me, it’s not the only thing I hope to gain from my blogging journey.

4 Things I Want To Achieve From Blogging
My confidence has been growing since I started Thimbles and Spoons and it’s something that never crossed my mind. All of a sudden I have a space where I can fully be myself and share my voice, that’s something I’ve never felt too comfortable with anywhere else. Yes I’m still an anxious person in some areas of my life but now I’m more driven and motivated which means I’m pushing myself to break boundaries and feel I have more purpose. My confidence is something I hope will continue to grow alongside my blog.

I am not a social person, in fact I’m that person you’d find sitting in the corner at parties far away from the drunk crowd. It’s just how I cope with big crowds but it also probably means I miss out on a few opportunities and if I’m one day hoping to be invited to some events, it needs to change. I’d love to enter a room full of professionals and bloggers without feeling intimidated and gradually as I talk and connect with other content creators this feeling subsides.

This blog has forced me to explore skills I never imagined using. I now have a bigger interest in photography, more skills in editing and have more appreciation in digital marketing. There’s so much that goes into creating and maintaining a blog and it’s the first time I’ve wanted to really dive into something and learn. Who knows where a blog can take you.

4 Things I Want To Achieve From Blogging

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