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10 Fabulous Lightroom Presets Under £6

If I’m being completely honest, I was probably a little late to the party when it comes to Lightroom presets. I thought Lightroom was going to be far too technical and costly for me to really get on with. I wanted to up my Insta game but surely I didn’t have the skill set for that standard of photo editing. Instead I stuck to apps such as VSCO and ColourStory and that was that.

10 Fabulous Lightroom Presets Under £6


As it turns out the Lightroom mobile app is free to use plus the editing options are endless and pretty self-explanatory. The trick with presets is finding one you like that isn’t too pricey, thankfully there’s a lot out there. If you have no idea what I’m babbling on about when I say “presets”, a preset is basically a group of pre-set editing sliders that make an image look a certain way. They work by downloading an image that has already been edited and you simply copy and paste those settings to your own images. This means your own content will look consistent with a theme, perfect for Instagram. Of course you can also tweak settings to suit you, so what’s not to love?

So where do you find these presets? I’ve found that the best place to go is Etsy (I’m a big fan of Etsy) and there are tons of options under £6.

Mulled Wine – VictoriaBeePhoto

Brunch – Mastersets

Hawaii – Mastersets

Brighter Brights – FilterCollective

Influencer – NMDigitalCo

Bright – MintAndPepper

Warm & Airy – ThePresetVilla

Colour Pop Pack – ThePresetVilla

Amber White – BestMobilePresets

Sweets – MagicStarsPhoto

10 Fabulous Lightroom Presets Under £6

So, what do you think? Time to boost your Instagram game?

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