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Binge-Worthy On Netflix

I love Netflix at the best of times but lately I’ve been overboard addicted. There’s just so much choice and so many series that I’ve fell in love with. Nothing passes the time like a Netflix session and here are some of my latest faves.

Binge-Worthy On Netflix

The Haunting Of Hill House

I’ll start with this because it is by far one of the best series I have ever watched. I’m a big fan of horror films, particularly relating to the paranormal so this was right up my street. The series focuses on the past and present time-line of a family who lived in a large, dated house that turns out to be (you guessed it) haunted. There’s an incredible storyline with some unexpected twists and a few jumpy moments just to keep you on edge (you might need a blanket). As it turns out, there’s some hidden gems in every scene too that you may not even notice unless you try to find them. Those hidden gems being ghosts of course. An amazing series that I’m very tempted to watch again.

Jack Whitehall : Travels With My Father

On a completely different note to the previous series, this is a hilarious documentary-style series that follows comedian Jack Whitehall and his father whilst they travel. There’s a huge contrast between their personalities, Jack being the easy going “funny guy” and his father being rather… “posh”. For such a simple concept you’d be surprised how much this makes you laugh. It’s great when you need a pick-me-up.

American Horror Story : Cult

Now I’m completely up to date and watching Apocalypse, however I binged through Cult on Netflix very quickly. I have been totally hooked on American Horror Story since the first episode of season one (Murder House) and I’ve followed it throughout every theme. Murder House remains my favourite and Freak Show being my least, this series “Cult” is somewhere in the middle but that shouldn’t put you off. I’m not a very political person and this happens to focus on the American elections, but I can still appreciate the storyline and stuck with it. The acting (as always) and plot is incredible so it’s still incredibly gripping to watch. There’s also familiar characters such as a very well known clown. I’m also absolutely loving the connections AHS is making in its latest series. No spoilers!

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Well this isn’t like the Sabrina we once watched after school is it? I wasn’t overly fussed about starting this series until nearly everyone on my social media started to obsess over it and I of course became curious. We sped through this series because every episode left us questioning more and it’s just amazing. There’s a darker side to this Sabrina so don’t go in thinking this will bring back memories, but you will still love it.

The Sinner

Well if you like crime and mystery, the type that leaves you thinking about the possibilities while you are at work.. this is certainly for you. It starts with a murder that although a little unusual, starts to build up into something so unexpected. So many questions and you will never guess the plot no matter how hard you try.

Binge-Worthy On Netflix

What have you been binge watching lately? Anything I should be adding to my list?

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