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IT Cosmetics Matte CC Cream Review

So here’s a little story for you.. On my last trip to Florida I took a stroll into Sephora with money in hand ready to commit to the famous *IT Cosmetics CC Cream. I scanned the shelves looking for the silver encased tube but was politely stopped in my tracks by a member of staff asking if I needed some assistance. Clearly I did.

IT Cosmetics Matte CC Cream Review

I explained what I had my heart set on, the lady grabbed the product and she swatched to her heart’s content. Here was the dilemma (oo drama!) the sole purpose of this Sephora trip was to leave with the IT Cosmetics CC Cream SPF 50+ in hand and not the IT Cosmetics CC Cream Matte SPF 40+. Matte formulas and I do not see eye to eye but what was being applied to my face? You guessed it, the matte version. And do you know what? I left with the matte version, not because I was too embarrassed to explain the issue (although I am like that) but because I was pleasantly surprised with the formula when I looked in the mirror. An unexpected yet successful purchase.

Fast forward to now, I’m back in the UK feeling much colder but have at least had the time to try out the CC cream for lengthy periods. It’s a product that’s completely thrown me through hoops so grab a cuppa and let’s get into it.

So if you haven’t heard of this particular CC cream, it’s one of IT Cosmetics number one sellers and if I’m being honest, I get the appeal. Claiming to provide full coverage and a good SPF rating it’s no wonder this product has been a hit. I completely agree with the coverage claim because it’s pretty good at concealing flaws if you are willing to build up a couple of layers. Two light layers of this and your skin will look flawless and surprisingly radiant. I say surprisingly because the texture is quite thick but it dries down to a comfortable, natural looking finish. Not at all cakey and actually I find this to be a great option when my pores are playing up.

This formula is not only matte (which by some miracle I don’t mind) but it’s also oil-free, which I found to be really helpful when keeping my T-zone at bay throughout the day. This is a CC cream like no other and if I’m being honest, this goes beyond a lot of my cheaper foundations so if your hoping for a light, barely-there product.. this isn’t it.

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IT Cosmetics Matte CC Cream Review

There’s a couple of things that although I don’t at all hate, I’d be lying if I said they didn’t bother me a little. One of those things is that because the texture is a little thick, you need to blend a little longer than you may usually blend. Nothing crazy but noticeable nonetheless. The other very slight issue is more of a personal preference. It’s in a tube and a decent sized one at that, which means that for all you makeup addicts like myself who have dedicated drawer organisation may find it a bit tricky finding a place that suits this product. This may sound utterly ridiculous to a lot of you but for someone like myself it’s worth knowing. Other than that I can’t fault it. There’s a pump for easy, mess-free application and there’s a lot of product so you won’t run out quickly. It’s definitely a product you need to experience for yourself. It’s a product like no other and I’m living for it.

IT Cosmetics Matte CC Cream Review
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