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5 Realistic Goals Of 2019

Oh I bloody love a goals post don’t you? And what could possibly be more motivating than the new year? Although it was a little while ago I know, but still I’m feeling the buzz and I’ve made a whole new list of realistic goals that I’m striving towards as we speak.

5 Realistic Goals Of 2019

Update my media kit and actually use it

Because in all honesty I chickened out before. I had a media kit that I wasn’t really sure was the best representation of my blog and that mixed with that nagging thought of “are your stats enough yet?” I just decided to take it slow or in other words “totally forget about it”.

This year I have it written down and on top of my desk. I’m going to make a kick-ass media kit and send it to brands before the year is over.

Invest in a blog coach

And as if by magic, I’ve started to tick this one off my list. I knew that this would be the next step for me because I felt like my blog was feeling a bit stagnant. A new set of eyes from someone who knows exactly what they are talking about sounds bloody fantastic.

For me, blogging is the big goal so I wanted to really invest in it. Who better to help me than the wonderful Vix Meldrew who I mentioned has a pretty awesome podcast. You should check it out.

Stay organised

I feel like this is always one of my goals but I’m on it right now and I’ll be pretty annoyed at myself if I let it all go downhill. A trip to Ikea definitely helped and now my blogging space is cleared and looking great.

I’m totally one of those people who believes “tidy space, tidy mind”.

Start a newsletter

I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile and I’m actually a big fan of some newsletters myself. Newsletters are a great way to help drive traffic but I also love the idea of creating another way to communicate with you guys.

I’m already making plans so keep an eye out for updates!

Wear what the hell I want

Was that a bit aggressive? I have spent so long second guessing myself and wondering what people will think about a pair of shoes I like or a jacket that’s a bit loud. Honestly I feel like I’m getting past all of that.

A more confident me coming soon!

Fancy a pin?

Well there’s my realistic goals for 2019. What’s on your list?

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