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My 2018 In A Nutshell

Ok I’m going to get the sappy bit out the way first and say that 2018 has been quite a year for me. It’s the year where I finally started to feel like my total self and a stronger person for it. I left a job that made me feel less of a person and on top of all of that I married my best friend. 2018, you’ve been one to remember.

My 2018 In A Nutshell


At the beginning of 2018 I was confused about my blog path and was lacking in direction. Now I can finally say that I have a clearer plan, better organisation methods (although not always perfect) and many things in place for the year ahead. And do you know what? It feels bloody fantastic. Thimbles and Spoons now has more of an identity and I have started doing a little brand work which I’m so appreciative of. As for my 2019 plans, there’s some exiting things on the way but I’ll talk about that a little later.

Getting Married

This was without a doubt the most stressful, emotional and amazing experience of my life. 5 months on and I’m still getting my head round being a Mrs on forms and signing my name still takes a moment to kick in. The actual day felt like it was going to be a disaster due to the rain but it all worked out in the end and we wouldn’t change it for the world.


Because you can’t get married and not have a honeymoon, at least that’s what we told ourselves. It was amazing to be back in Disney World and although it felt different to all the times before, it was just as magical. I’m still suffering from the dreaded Disney-blues but we hope to be back soon.

My 2018 In A Nutshell

A New Car

Well doesn’t that sound fancy? Technically I bought a second hand car but it’s a bloody dream to drive and my driving anxiety is at the lowest it’s ever been. The biggest difference is that I’m now cruising around in an automatic and I can’t help but wonder why didn’t I make this change sooner?

I Tried Hypnotherapy

And it basically changed my life. I have thought about trying hypnotherapy for years to combat my fear of being ill during flights. This is after years of spending hours throwing up on long-haul flights to Florida (TMI?) and finally I took the plunge in 2018 to do something about it. Medications have never worked for me and I knew that this was the last resort if I wanted to keep travelling (which I of course do). Our honeymoon flights proved that hypno was great for me and now I feel like I can conquer the world. There’s so many positive effects from these sessions but that’s for another post. Stay tuned!

Visited The Ritz

For an early birthday present I decided to go abit nuts and take my mum to The Ritz in London. It was definitely posh! I’m talking grand chandeliers, finger sandwiches and waiters in suits. It was pricey but an amazing experience.

Saw Phantom Of The Opera

By far one of my all time favourite musicals and I finally got to see it up close in the theatre. I am that crazy person who cries at musicals and this was no exception. I can’t put the experience into words but I’d see it again in a heartbeat if I could.

My 2018 In A Nutshell

 Well that was my 2018 in a nutshell. Here’s to another year of many more exciting memories.

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