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The Ultimate Blogging Podcast : Exciting Emails

I don’t think I have ever taken the time to talk about a podcast on this blog before and this is for various reasons. One being that I have listened to so many podcasts before but nothing really interested me enough to make a long term commitment.

I concluded that podcasts just weren’t for me. I’m much more of a visual person. Reading and watching is how I learn and with the failed track record of so many podcasts, they just weren’t my thing right?

Well it turns out that I was wrong and I’m not even mad about it.

The Ultimate Blogging Podcast : Exciting Emails

Fast forward to coming across the Exciting Emails podcast. This podcast is already capturing my curiosity. It’s about blogging, it’s fairly new so no intimidating thoughts of “Oh god where shall I start?” And most importantly it’s created by the fabulous Vix Meldrew who is the most relatable blogging guru I’ve come across to date.

Needless to say this podcast ticked a lot of boxes before I even started listening and I’m so happy I clicked that subscribe button.

What’s so great about the Exciting Emails podcast?

In a lot of ways I find it difficult connecting with people. I have my grandad’s terrible sense of humour, my mother’s stubbornness and no time for people I can’t trust.

I also talk a lot about blogging which means I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok with me, but I occasionally wish there was someone who shared my interest in things like SEO, themes, photography etc. It’s definitely not your typical subject for most people right?

This podcast acted as that “friend” and I’m extremely thankful for it. Every week Vix talks about a different blog related subject. A subject that you are actually interested in and have questions about!

But best of all, it skips all the confusing crap and overly confusing jargon, which means you actually have a clue what Vix is talking about. Finally I understand, I relate and I can implement it to my own blog. Mind blown!

Without sounding too harsh, I have no time for the numerous amounts of confusing “advice” that some bloggers insist is “the only way to succeed”.

It’s way too one-sided and usually very unrealistic. I need someone who understands my position and Vix has a knack for that.

The Ultimate Blogging Podcast : Exciting Emails

Every podcast no matter the subject is delivered with humour and friendliness. Vix talks about her methods and explains the benefits whilst still being understanding of the listeners. Isn’t that just the best?

I’ve learnt so much from the podcast in such a small amount of time and I think bloggers in the same boat should really give it a go.

I now find myself eagerly waiting for the next episode with a pen and notepad in hand. Not bad for someone who doesn’t do podcasts right?

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