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3 Totally Tearproof Mascaras

June 18, 2018 No Comments

3 Totally Tearproof Mascaras

June 18, 2018 No Comments

If you have been a frequent visitor to Thimbles and Spoons (if not feel free to subscribe if you fancy it) you have probably heard me mention my loyalty to waterproof mascaras. I love the extra security a waterproof formula provides especially as I cry at basically everything and pretty often too whether it’s good or bad. Over emotional much? So there’s a few waterproof mascaras that I have been gravitating towards lately and if you are an emotional sap like me, you will love them too.

3 Totally Tear-proof Mascaras
*Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
I might as well start with my all time favourite and I’m not the only one. This Too Faced mascara has gained so much hype and it’s clear to see why. This mascara can easily create drama and boldness with only a couple of coats and the length and curl is nothing less than incredible. I have nothing but ultimate trust in this fabulous mascara.

*L’Oréal Paradise
It wasn’t so long ago that L’Oréal released a lash primer and a waterproof version of the raved about Paradise mascara. This was something I was desperate to try and it’s a perfect mascara for daily use. It may not be the most dramatic of mascaras at first use but with a couple of coats, it’s very surprising. Even better with the lash primer addition too.

3 Totally Tear-proof Mascaras

*Maybelline Total Temptation
If the more natural look is what you look for in a mascara then this is ideal. This is perfect for everyday use and of course for those rainy days too.

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