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5 Important Life Lessons Disney Films Taught Us

February 28, 2019 No Comments

It doesn’t matter how old you are, I think we can all appreciate a good Disney film. Be it a classic like Snow White or a Pixar best like Coco, they are all totally immersive and act as the perfect distraction.

With so many Disney films out there it’s no surprise that fans like ourselves obsess over a slogan tee or the newest Mickey Mouse phone case, but it’s not all about the physical treats we love to buy. Those films have taught us a thing or two whether we think about it or not.

And if you don’t believe me (ask the dishes) I have 5 examples that suggest otherwise.

You don’t need a man to save the day

Sure for a long time Disney rolled out the traditional fairy tales where a prince came to save the day. They were still great films and I’m not getting into the whole male/female equality discussion but now days it’s a little more important to show young females that we don’t have to be so dependent.

Frozen was a perfect example of this message considering (spoiler alert.. maybe?) Anna and Elsa broke the icy curse without any need of a male heroic figure stepping in.

Who run the world? .. An ice queen apparently.

Your “imperfections” shouldn’t hold you back

Let’s just keep swimming onto the next one shall we? See where I’m going with this?

We are surrounded by media telling us how we should look. You know, that airbrushed, super skinny image isn’t always realistic and we all have elements of our “image” that we don’t particularly love.

Marks, imperfections, disabilities.. whatever it is, we should learn to love that about ourselves because we are all unique and Nemo never let his lucky fin hold him back. Am I right?

Don’t let the past limit your future

Remember that huge tearful moment in The Lion King.. yeah I never got over that either but still there was a message in that overly emotional Disney film.

That wise baboon gave Simba a much needed talking to and made it pretty clear that even if the past sucks (and it certainly did in Simba’s case) it shouldn’t hold him back from his future.

And let’s be honest, the Pride Lands wouldn’t be looking too good if he decided otherwise, but hey hakuna matata!

Sometimes taking risks is good

It’s a balance right? I’m not saying go nuts and start fights with frying pan in hand, but don’t be afraid to leave the tower once in a while (go to Disney World).. or something along those lines.

Let’s be honest, sometimes we tend to hold ourselves back and make excuses for ourselves. Why not live a little and have some fun?

5 Important Life Lessons Disney Films Taught Us
Fancy a pin?

You need to work for your dreams

Well I had to include one of my favourites and Tiana is basically a Disney girl boss! Sure dreams can come true but not without a little hard work.

Basically don’t expect things to be handed to you because life doesn’t always work like that. Sorry! You want it, you gotta work, work, work, work, work, work.

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