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Sleeping Beauty Castle DLP

Disneyland Paris: 5 Places You Need To Visit

April 26, 2019 No Comments

I talk a lot about Disney World on this blog, but I also have a lot of love for the magical land that’s a little closer to home for me. Disneyland Paris is the practically perfect place for a shorter Disney break, a “top-up” if you will.

And although DLP isn’t the biggest of Disney Parks, it does offer that Disney-Bubble feel and a big space of pixie dust to enjoy. On your next visit, these are some areas you should definitely pay a visit to.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

I’ll start with the obvious and I can already hear the “well duh” but hear me out. This castle is very different to other Disney Parks, for one the size is very impressive and there’s no denying that this icon is an Instgrammer’s dream. We’ve all seen those dreamy pink accounts right?

The Sleeping Beauty Castle (not to be confused with Disneyland) also homes a lot of hidden gems. Notice from the outside there’s a not-so-hidden tunnel to the left? That there (spoilers ahead) is actually more of a dragon’s lair where you will find a sleeping dragon in chains. Be warned, if you are too noisy you may disturb it from it’s sleep and that dragon likes their rest. Who doesn’t?

If you decide to take the more traditional route through the castle you may notice that there’s not just a couple of shops to enjoy but a whole storytelling experience right upstairs. Take a leisurely stroll around the castle walls and remind yourself of the Sleeping Beauty story.. but then who can really forget?

Little tip, if you wander upstairs you can also grab a pretty cool selfie from the outside balcony overlooking Fantasyland.

Disneyland Hotel

You really can’t miss the most beautiful, picturesque hotel standing at the entrance of the Disneyland Park, in fact you have to travel underneath it to scan your tickets.

And sure you may be thinking “I bet that dreamy hotel costs an arm and a leg” well thankfully you don’t have to spend a fortune to explore inside. Guests are welcome to take some time out of the park to visit the lobby and some other areas and just enjoy a little down time.

You may even spot a character or two whilst you explore. Be warned.. you will want to start saving for your next trip because this hotel is nothing less than stunning

The Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris

The Disney Gallery

You know what I’m like by now, I love a good Disney art shop. Is it a must for every Disney trip? I really think so..

This shop is located at the glorious Disney Village and it is the dreamiest location full of detailed figurines, art prints and every other magical item to make your heart want more.

On my last trip I came home with a huge box (or 2) of the most amazing figures and now it’s become a bit of an addiction. Who doesn’t want some Disney in their home?

The Ratatouille Area – Walt Disney Studios

Head over to Walt Disney Studios Park and make way to the Ratatouille area. It’s a beautifully themed area that captures the film perfectly and it’s a fabulous spot for some dining, a quick shop and an amazing ride.

Ratatouille : The Adventure is a ride you don’t want to miss and it’s one you will want to ride again and again so make sure you grab a Fastpass during busier seasons. Guests feel as small as a mouse on this trackless ride and you may find yourself trying to escape from an angry chef.. just saying.

Side note.. who else is so bloody excited about the Ratatouille ride coming to Epcot? I cannot wait!

The World Of Disney

So it’s not the biggest World Of Disney on the planet but it is pretty dreamy for us shopoholics. There’s everything you can imagine and more when it comes to Disney merch and this store will really make you want to treat yourself. You deserve it!

Fancy a new spirit jersey, need some new ears (always!) or want to relive your childhood and go nuts at the plushie area.. hey we don’t judge! It’s all here.

Ready to book your next Disneyland Paris trip? I know I am. Make sure you tag those epic DLP pics with #mydisneylifeuk over on Instagram. I can’t wait to see them.

If you want to add some Disney magic to your day, follow me on Instagram @thimblesandspoons

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