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5 Underrated Disney Films You Need To Watch

January 29, 2019 2 Comments

Like so many of you, Disney films became a staple in my childhood and I’ve carried them along with me as I became an adult (I’m only 24, does that count?).

We have all heard the Frozen soundtrack hundreds of times, danced to Beauty and the Beast and longed for our very own Cinderella story and I’m not knocking any of them BUT there are so many incredible Disney films that just go unappreciated.

It’s time to give those films some much needed love, so grab your blanket, make a cuppa and snuggle down. It’s time for a movie marathon!

Saving Mr Banks

Now this one really get’s to me. It’s not animated so it wasn’t on the big list for children and regardless of Tom Hank’s outstanding role of Walt Disney himself, it just doesn’t receive the love it deserved when it comes to Disney films.

If you didn’t know, the story follows a promise made by Walt to make his daughter’s much loved book of Mary Poppins into a film.

It’s based around a true story and follows the long process of making Mary Poppins what it is today.

It a film that’s not only entertaining and a real look into Disney history, but it also pulls on your heartstrings. It’s a must see because to be honest, it’s practically perfect in every way. See what I did there?

The Princess and the Frog

This is by far one of my favourite Disney films but poor Tiana just doesn’t get much credit compared to other Princesses. Sure she doesn’t have magical powers or a deep connection to the sea, but she does teach us that hard work pays off and I need that sort of motivation in my life.

We all know the story of The Princess and the Frog but this has a bit of a twist and the songs are so good, you’ll be singing them for days.

This is one of those films that I played on repeat for weeks and I still could given the chance.

The Emperors New Groove

Boom baby! This film either has a lot of love or is completely unknown depending on who you ask, so I would still argue it’s underrated.

How someone created this idea and put it onto film I will never know, but I’m so grateful they did. This is the ultimate easy watch with a couple of laughs. What’s not to love?

The story follows the rich life of an emperor who somehow finds himself in the body of a llama. Intrigued? You should be.

The Aristocats

Well doesn’t this bring back some childhood memories? I adore The Aristocats and even though I consider myself more of a dog person, I still love these furry friends.

Duchess and her kittens live in their luxurious manor in Paris and everything is going great until a familiar face starts to cause trouble (he clearly isn’t a cat person). There’s adventure and jazz to keep you on your toes, you may even fancy a boogie.

What will happen to these purrfect kitties? You should find out for yourself.

Brother Bear

Seriously no one talks about this film and I just can’t understand why. You will gain a whole new appreciation for animals after watching this and you are likely to shed a tear too.

Don’t worry it’s not all sad. There’s lots of excitement and a few bear hugs, but most of all the songs are pretty catchy. I could go into song now but I’ll hold back.

disney film stack
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  • jenna January 29, 2019 at 1:59 pm

    Great post! I am a huge fan of Brother Bear… Did you ever watch the funny scenes during the credits??? I have really fond memories of cracking up with my family about them haha. Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? The Chic Cupcake

    • holly January 29, 2019 at 5:14 pm

      Thanks for having a read. Yes love them! So funny, makes me want to watch it again. X

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