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Disney World snacks

8 Delicious Disney World Snacks You Need To Try On Your Next Visit

February 7, 2019 No Comments

You know those T-shirts you sometimes see in the parks that say “I’m here for the food” or “I like my food Mickey shaped”, well this basically sums me up.

I take full advantage of the snack selection in the parks and it’s even better when you find a Disney snack within your dining plan.

Who doesn’t love a little treat while they stroll around Cinderella Castle or something to pass the time whilst you camp out for a parade. As long as I have a sweet treat in hand, I’m happy and if you ask me what are the best snacks to grab in Disney World, I’d say these 8 are a must.

Dole Whip

Popular? Definitely! Overrated? Absolutely not but I will say I have a slightly difference of opinion. There’s a couple of places over in Adventureland where you can grab a perfectly chilled dole whip to cool you down.

Most guests will go for the popular pineapple flavour which is delicious but I personally prefer to head to Sunshine Tree Terrace for an Orange Cream.

This is the perfect combination of orange and vanilla soft-serve ice cream swirled into a Instagrammer’s dream. Of course there are other options too including Orange Cream Floats but this is my favourite. It’s pretty refreshing on a hot day.

Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

I remember when these were everywhere in the parks but as the years went on these become harder to find and I very nearly gave up hope. Thankfully I found these on my last trip stocked up in Goofy’s Candy Company located in Disney Springs and I went nuts.

Sure they aren’t as popular as the Mickey Cookie Sandwiches but I can’t rave about them enough.

These are the perfect sweet treat with just the right amount of soft cookie goodness, chocolate chips and of course ice cream. Don’t be fooled, this thing is pretty big for a small snack and it will certainly hit the spot.

Disney World snacks

Night Blossom

Enough of the food, because Disney world snacks also include some amazing drinks right? What you really fancy when it’s a hot day is a sip of something good and icy. Head over to Pandora and pick up a Night Blossom. Perhaps the most Instagrammable of drinks, this will certainly deserve some attention.

It’s not just about bright colours, this slushy talks a lot about flavour too. Those flavours include apple and pear limeade with a top layer of passion fruit boba balls.

It sounds strange but boy does it work. And if you fancy a bit of a kick, there may be an alcoholic option too.

Disney World snacks Night Blossom drink

LeFou’s Brew

Another frosty beverage is waiting for you at Gaston’s Tavern over at Magic Kingdom. It comes in 2 souvenir cups or you can grab it on it’s own but either way it’s a must.

Now be warned this is a little sweet for some taste buds to handle but those with a sweet tooth will love it. Does the idea of frozen apple juice topped with a layer of toasted marshmallow sound good to you? It certainly tastes good.

Ample Hills Creamery Ice Cream

Ice cream is just a must any day right? Well you think you know ice cream until you walk into Ample Hills Creamery. This delightful store at the Boardwalk holds too many flavours to decide and all of them sound delicious.

I’d encourage you to try as many as you can but if you can only handle one, the Ooey Gooey Butter Cake is out of those world.

Disney ice cream

The Grey Stuff

If you get the chance to eat at Be Our Guest I’d say go for it. It’s admittedly a bit hit and miss when it comes to reviews but I think you need to visit at least once if only for the experience.

As for what to eat, it would be wrong to not try the grey stuff. After all the dishes recommend it.

It’s now offered as a cupcake and although it’s not the world’s most amazing cupcake it is of course .. delicious.

Corn dog nuggets

I’m sure this isn’t the big must for Americans but as someone from the UK who doesn’t get to grab a corn dog when I fancy, these are too good to turn down.

In fact these are what I look forward to most and every trip starts with a visit to Casey’s for a pot of these beauties.

Pretzel Sticks

Another “Disney World snacks tradition” for me is to pick up some pretzel sticks when I’m leaving the Magic Kingdom. The confectionery store is packed with treats but these are my favourite every time.

During the Christmas season you may be able to grab these covered in peppermint bark (amazing) but they are just as good covered in chocolate. I am after all a chocoholic.

Disney World snacks
Fancy a pin?

Well? Feeling hungry yet?

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