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A Bath & Bodyworks Mini-Haul

December 10, 2018 No Comments

I can’t tell you how stupidly excited I am about this post and it all comes down to the fact that until last month, I had never set foot in a Bath & Bodyworks store. Wandering through the malls of Florida I had no list in mind of what I would come back with. I had heard so much hype around the candles at Bath & Bodyworks and although the huge variety of scents were all overwhelmingly beautiful, I didn’t think my luggage weight allowance would cope (this was a good call). Thankfully I did manage to bring back a small bag of goodies and I’m delighted with each and every product I picked up.

A Bath & Bodyworks Mini-Haul

Hand Sanitisers

It’s obvious that I was going to bring back some hand sanitisers because really who comes out of that store without a handful of these? I use hand sanitisers on a daily basis and these pocket size ones are perfect for chucking in your handbag. What I didn’t realise was how many scents would be on offer, I mean seriously there were rows and rows of glorious scents from Winter Apple to Peach Bellini and I wanted them all. I managed to limit myself to 5 (which I’d say was a proud achievement) and picked up:

Winter Candy Apple

Vanilla Bean Noel

Warm Vanilla Sugar x 2

Toasted Smores

A Bath & Bodyworks Mini-Haul hand Sanitisers

All gorgeously delicious and they haven’t dried my hands out. Something I noticed was that the scent really lingers on your hands, which I personally love. I could put a small drop of this onto my hands, potter about for a couple of hours, wash my hands and still have a subtle whiff of vanilla. I love it! Who knew you could get so much joy from a hand sanitiser?

Iced Gingerbread Hand Cream

I really don’t remember that moment in my life when I started to get excited over the idea of buying a hand cream. Am I getting old? Either way, this 29ml bottle of delicious gingerbread goodness is the ultimate festive scent and I’m obsessed. That’s now 2 hand creams in the last 3 months that I have adored and I just don’t know how I feel about this stage of my life. On the plus side, my hands have never been softer.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Foaming Scrub

Clearly this scent was the one for me and I just can’t get enough of it. I mentioned this scrub in my November favourites and it’s still so worthy of being on that list. I just can’t imagine there’s a more indulgent scrub out there. I’m almost tempted to make an online order for more.

A Bath & Bodyworks Mini-Haul

Do you have any Bath & Bodyworks obsessions? I’d love to hear what your faves are because I’m making a list for my next trip already.

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