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About Me

Hello and welcome to Thimbles and Spoons!

My name is Holly, a twenty-something year old newly-wed with a huge passion for all things makeup, lifestyle and Disney (there’s a lot of that around here). You’ll usually find me testing out the latest hyped eyeshadow palette or planning my next Disney trip. I’m also a total cookie addict (specifically the crunchy chocolate chip kind) and I practically live in PJs or a fluffy onesie.

I created Thimbles and Spoons in early 2017 as my own escape during a stressful time outside of the internet. Now, several moments later I am blogging more than ever and loving every minute of it.

Want to work with me?

With the aim to keep pushing my blog to the next level, I am always looking to work with brands I love and trust. So with that in mind if you are a brand who wants to get in touch, feel free to drop me an Email at thimblesandspoons@hotmail.com


Posts shared on Thimbles and Spoons are written with complete honesty regarding all subjects. PR gifts, brand work and affiliate linking will be clearly marked and all opinions will be my own.

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