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Hello and welcome to Thimbles and Spoons!

Hi I’m Holly, a Disney-obsessed beauty buff from the UK. You’ll usually find me snuggled in my PJs, trying out new products, in front of a classic or daydreaming about my next trip to Disney World at my desk.

Here on the blog you’ll find all of the travel and lifestyle content you’ve come to love, alongside my beauty breakdowns – but all with a pinch of pixie-dust! If you’re a Disney fan, you’ll feel right at home – and we all know there’s no place like it! And if you’re not, hopefully my posts will bring you a little extra magic regardless!

Want to work with me?

With the aim to keep pushing my blog to the next level, I am always looking to work with brands I love and trust. So with that in mind if you are a brand who wants to get in touch, feel free to drop me an Email at


I’m lucky enough to make money through a variety of means on Thimbles and Spoons. Let me go into a little more detail, so you can have a better understanding of when I’m being paid and what for…

Sponsored Blog Posts These will always be declared with ‘AD’ in the title and then a sentence at the beginning declaring the partnership.

Sponsored Social Media Posts Where I have been paid to promote something, I will always mark it with [AD] at the beginning of the caption, tweet or post.

Gifted Items/Experiences/Trips Whether in blog or social media post form, will always be marked as [Gifted item/experience/trip] to comply with ASA regulations but also to denote the nature of the collaboration.

Previous Brand Relationships In this case, if I have worked with a brand on previous but not current content I will inform you of the previous collaboration if it took place within a year.

Promoting my own products Advertising of my own products or services such as [x, y, z] will be denoted with [AD – My x] e.g: AD – My ebook. (This is not needed for small businesses but instead influencers/personalities creating their own products.)

Affiliate Links I will declare whether there are affiliate links within a post, either within the title or the first sentence on my blog, or by using [Aff] on Instagram Stories. I will then mark individual links with * on my blog so you know that you’re about to click one. Affiliate links do not cost you money. They just kick back a few pennies to me and can be a great way to support creators!

If you have any more questions on how I earn money and how it affects you, please feel free to email me.

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