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20 Twitter Retweet Accounts That Help Your Blog Grow

Bloggers of today all no the struggle of trying to promote their latest posts and increasing their blog traffic. Of course using different social media platforms is a great way to boost the views but one of my particular favourite…


American Beauty Product Wishlist

I’m excitedly counting down to my honeymoon to Disney World and whilst I’m so thrilled to be returning to the magical place I call home, I’m also far too excited about picking up some American makeup. I’ve had my eye…


Budget Beauty Basics: What You Need In Your Makeup Bag

When you start diving into the big and slightly intimidating world of makeup it can be a job to know what products to pick up first. What are the basics? Should I invest in high-end products? What does that product…


3 Must Have Ultimate Definition Brow Products

If there’s one thing I loathe when it comes to doing my makeup, it’s doing my eyebrows and I know I’m not the only one. It’s just so time-consuming and if it isn’t difficult enough trying to perfect one brow…


Top Tips To Avoid Cakey Foundation

One of my pet peeves and biggest makeup regrets is going out with cakey foundation. You know, that look when you feel you need some sort of heavy duty tool to take ten layers off your face. We have all…


Why You Shouldn’t Skip On Washing Your Makeup Brushes… Seriously!

Let it be known that I am an absolute hoarder of makeup brushes. It’s an addiction and one I’m not going to be stopping any time soon (the Jaclyn Hill Master Brush collection is currently calling me). The only downside…


Afternoon Tea At The Ritz

I’ve never experienced anything quite like The Ritz (London) and no I’m not on about the crackers, although I do love them too. With my mums birthday being very close to my wedding I knew I wanted to treat her…


August Favourites

You know another month has ended when the favourites post arrives, admittedly a little late to the game. There’s a few products I have been absolutely loving.. and some that I’ll never touch again, but that’s an entirely different post.…


I’m Back.. Let’s Talk About The Wedding

So it’s been a while but I’m back, finally. Admittedly this break from blogging has been a lot longer than I expected it to be (not that I was planning to really take a break at all) but due to…


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