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4 Things The Internet Made Me Buy

Countless times I have been reading blogs, watching YouTube videos or just wandering the internet and something pops up that makes me want to buy yet another beauty product. This happens frequently and as much as I have pretty good…


How To Keep On Top Of Blog Posts

It’s Monday and what better day to boost your blogging motivation! Keeping on top of your blog posts and activity can be a daunting task, especially when you add a full-time job into the mix. Whether you like to post…


Top 3 Favourite Mascaras You Need To Try

Doesn’t mascara just complete any look? I feel like mascara is one of those makeup essentials, especially when you need to look a bit more awake in the day. I have 3 favourites that have been my go to for…


Zoeva Blush Palette Review

I have never been huge on blush products. It’s not that I don’t like blushers, they just happen to usually be the last beauty product I pick up. I do of course still own a few and out of my…


My Ultimate Bucket List

I have really been trying to focus on positivity and goals lately, which lets face it isn’t always an easy task. After a lot of thought, I have come up with a list of things that I aim to do…


Maple and Whisky Disney Inspired Candles

I’m an absolute self-confessed candle hoarder, but out of all my candles, Maple and Whisky are my fave. You all know by now that anything Disney is something I will obsess over and Maple and Whisky keep giving me more…


My First Month Blogging : Being the ‘New Girl’

It’s actually a little over a month that I started this blog, but this last month has been where I have been obsessed with creating daily content. Content that I’m actually quite proud of and I’m not afraid to admit…


How To Wash Your Make-up Brushes

There are a million of ways you can wash your make-up brushes. Now days there are hundreds of cleaning products dedicated to make-up brushes that just keep popping up, from cleansing palettes to full-blown machines.. I’ve tried a fair few.…


My Haircare Routine

There’s something about haircare posts that really interest me, which is weird because if I’m being completely honest, I find washing my hair the ultimate chore. I’ve been making the biggest effort lately to be more aware of the products…


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