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Boom Baby! : 5 Disney YouTube Favourites

June 5, 2019 No Comments

There’s nothing I love more than a Disney YouTube session when I need a little pick me up, in fact I watch park vlogs almost every day and it never get’s old. You totally get it right? It’s a must, especially when those dreadful Disney-Blues strike. But who to watch?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered so take note and get ready to start subscribing. Now pull the lever Kronk and let’s get going! (I really hope you quietly replied with “wrong lever!”).

Adam Hattan

Morning! Oh boy do I love this guy! Admittedly it’s only recently that I’ve started watching Adam’s vlogs but I’ve somehow managed to blitz through them all. With vlogs from Disneyland, Disney World, the Disney Cruise Line and Disneyland Paris.. (could I say Disney much more?) you will be loving the holiday-feels without even leaving your house.

It’s the perfect Disney top-up and you know you’ve found the perfect channel when you catch yourself trying to reply to the laptop screen. Adam can’t actually hear you Holly!

Brogan Tate

If you love Adam, you will love Brogan too so why not hop over and click that subscribe button. Although it’s not all about the Disney vibes (which I personally don’t mind) there’s a lot of love for Brogan’s WDW vlogs.

Brogan and her boyf Benji explore the parks with the most heart-warming vlogs and it’s basically impossible not to love them.

The Tim Tracker

I just had to right? The OG of Disney vlogs right there and Tim and Jenn are just awesome. There’s vlogs from so many incredible places but don’t worry Disney parks are the main game. Although I am partial to a “Home Vloggg!”. Just me?

This right here is the dream team and you’d be crazy not to follow them.

L & R Dreaming

Luke and Rich have basically become my best friends lately, like the Kuzco to my Pacha (not that they are aware of this of course), but I came across their Disney Shanghai vlogs and that was it. I binged through their playlists and I’m far too invested in seeing their next Disney adventure.

Charlotte Ruff

If you are searching for someone who has the Disney knowledge, I’d check out Charlotte Ruff’s channel. She has awesome Disney vlogs of course but I totally admire her when she had the balls to go to Disney World on a solo trip. Yes girl!

So have you squeaker, squeak, squeak, squeakin subscribed yet? (I’m secretly quite proud of that line right there)

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