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Finding My Wedding Dress : My Disney-Themed Wedding

June 19, 2017 2 Comments
Finding My Wedding Dress

Finding My Wedding Dress : My Disney-Themed Wedding

June 19, 2017 2 Comments

I have been engaged for what seems like forever (since 2013 to be exact) and I put off wedding dress shopping until January of this year. I didn’t hold off because I didn’t want to, I just felt it was too early.

Our wedding is in August 2018 so you could argue that it’s still too early. I personally think it’s down to personal choice.

Finding My Wedding Dress

I truly believe that everyone’s experience is different when trying to find their perfect dress. I had fairly high exceptions of how it would go and in all honesty I had probably been watching too much Say Yes to the Dress (which I still love by the way).

The experience

I took my mum and my nan to the store, because I knew too many opinions would overwhelm me and I can be quite a ball of emotions at the best of times.

It was a nice girly, family experience, exactly what I needed. We visited The Wild Heart Bridal which was already some what special to me because I had lived not far from the store when I was younger.

The shop itself is beautiful and calming, which is just what I needed for such a big and new step. The owners Nicole and Alex could not have been more helpful and friendly, which is great because I was so bloody nervous!

As far as the dress, I only had one thing on my list.. colour. Be it blush, soft blue, lilac.. whatever.. I just wanted colour. Well, it couldn’t be more true when people say “you never really know what you want until you try it on”.

When I visited the store the Hayley Paige trunk-show event was taking place so I knew colours would be an option.

I tried a few dresses on that I had researched beforehand and although they were all beautiful and what I had pictured on paper, they didn’t give me that feeling I had hoped for. You know.. that moment!

hanging wedding dress
Fancy a pin?

The dress

The dress I ended up with “The Dress” was completely a surprise for me. I fell for the River Gown, but it was still a Hayley Paige design and I loved it.

I actually didn’t have that “boom this is it” moment until I tried on some accessories and a veil. Before that I was a little worried that I wasn’t going to get that feeling, which I think brides put a lot of pressure on themselves to achieve.

After the whole look, I knew I didn’t want to leave without committing to the dress and put a deposit down.

What I took from the experience

If I could give anyone advice it would be to not have high expectations. Have ideas, but not a set list and just go in with an open mind, try on different styles. Don’t pressure yourself for a big tearful event, because you will know if a dress is for you regardless.

The reality

In all honesty my experience was a bit odd, but in a good way. I had that realisation that I’m getting married (which might sound stupid) and that’s a big thing.

So no I didn’t cry floods of tears, I went very slightly over my budget and ended up with a completely different dress. I couldn’t be happier though and can’t wait to see Jase’s face when we finally tie the knot.

Roll on the big day!


  • Sarah October 30, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    My experience was very similar to yours! I’ve come away with a dress that I didn’t expect. I’d put so much pressure on myself, and said that if my mum and sister didn’t cry, then it wasn’t the one. Luckily, I welled up as did my sister. Still don’t think my mum is completely convinced but she still likes it. It’s so difficult trying to please everyone.

    As you said, it’s best to take fewer people.

    • holly October 31, 2017 at 10:38 am

      Bride problems ay? lol We really don’t need the added pressure, planning a wedding a stressful enough. xx

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