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I’m Back.. Let’s Talk About The Wedding

September 10, 2018 No Comments

I’m Back.. Let’s Talk About The Wedding

September 10, 2018 No Comments

So it’s been a while but I’m back, finally. Admittedly this break from blogging has been a lot longer than I expected it to be (not that I was planning to really take a break at all) but due to a wedding, a mini-moon, a job interview, a logo and blog re-design and the not-so-nice stomach flu.. I decided I needed some time out. Now I’m back and ready to go.


So let’s have a little run through of my biggest life update so far. If you have been following this blog for a while you have probably seen me mention my wedding, something that stressfully consumed my life for a few months but was of course worth it in the end. As of the 9th August I became a Mrs which although I love, I’m still getting used to. Might I just add that changing the name on every type of ID and paperwork is an absolute drag. The actual day was amazing, even if it did rain for the first time in 5 bloody weeks (goodbye outdoor ceremony). To quote some clichés that quite possibly annoy every bride-to-be..

“It flys by” – yes it really does
“You won’t care about the little things when they don’t go to plan” – so true and I’m a freak when it comes to detail.
“When you see each other everyone else disappears” – I thought this was a ridiculous statement considering I was an absolute wreck before walking down the aisle, but again it’s true.

Honestly neither of us would change anything about the day, even the rain although if I hear one more person tell me “it’s good luck” I may scream. The day was perfectly ours and we loved every minute of it. Of course Disney elements were everywhere from tables to the cake, the flower arrangements and more.

Claire-Louise Floral Designs Wedding

Claire_louise Floral Designs Wedding

All of the beautiful flower arrangements were created by my very talented mum at Claire-Louise Floral Designs. She knew exactly what I wanted without me really having a clear vision other than wanting pastels and soft pink roses as they are my all-time favourite flower. I couldn’t have asked or even imagined anything more beautiful and elegant. Mum also was a huge help at keeping me as calm as I could be throughout the day.. well up until she started crying anyway.

My dad (who owns Groovy Pearl Designs and created my blog logo) was also a great help when it came to the wedding as he created all the amazing stationary and props for the tables, invites, signage, stickers.. you name it, he designed it and he knows how to make the Disney details pop. I have a pretty talented family.

Groovy Pearl Designs Wedding

Groovy Pearl Designs Wedding

Disney Wedding CakeCake by Holly House Cakes

Cambridge Makeup Artist

Hair and Makeup by the lovely Kerry at Cambridge Makeup Artist who I’ve talked about before here.

Some little pieces of honesty for your big day if it’s coming up, because I feel we need a bit of “real” when it comes to the big fairytale scene..

  • If you feel more confident in a good pair of Spanx, bloody wear them! You can always change into something a little more desirable later.
  • You need a team to help you pee during the day. Yes it sounds ridiculous but wisely choose a small team to help because it’s going to be a bonding experience to say the least but it’s necessary if you’re wearing a big dress.
  • And lastly, the day after is equally as emotional. I was gutted it was all over after such a long time of planning and in all honesty there was an element of emptiness. Take your time and take it all in before you go back to reality. My emotional self of course had an embarrassing little cry before we left the venue.

a Disney themed wedding

So there it is, our big day. One we will always remember.



All photos were taken by Brooke Rose Photography. Take a look at our pre-wedding shoot.

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