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Sleeping Beauty theme with pink and blue Beauty Blenders

Make It Pink, Make It Blue : Why You Need A Beauty Blender

February 25, 2019 No Comments
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If you recall, when Princess Aurora was born 3 beautiful fairies each granted her a wish. Of course it didn’t all go to plan when a certain dragon-like villain made an appearance but nonetheless wishes were made.

Fauna granted the gift of song, Merryweather granted the gift of deep sleep to alter Maleficent’s curse and Flora gave the gift of beauty… or so you thought. I personally think Flora’s real gift was the gift of a *Beauty Blender sponge, make it pink or blue.

And why wouldn’t the princess want a Beauty Blender? I certainly would.

As you may already know, I once lived on the use of a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, the famous little orange sponge designed to apply and blend foundation at a cheap cost.

There was nothing wrong with it but when a Beauty Blender made its magical appearance, I never looked back.

So let’s talk cost

A Beauty Blender will cost a little more than your typical sponge from the enchanted village but it’s worth the investment.

This blending sponge changes up your makeup routine making application of liquid and cream products easier than ever.

The Beauty Blender is the ideal shape and texture to bounce product onto the skin to create a flawless finish and unlike most makeup sponges, this blender doesn’t soak up huge amounts of foundation. Remember it’s best to use damp instead of dry.

It’s noticeable that this sponge evens out any lines and streaks so if a balanced and even complexion is what you are dreaming about, this blender will be a wish come true.

Sleeping Beauty theme with pink and blue Beauty Blender sponges
Fancy a pin?

So be it pink (the Beauty Blender original), blue, both or any other colour you fancy, the Beauty Blender will not disappoint. As for the sleeping curse.. well it probably won’t do much for that, but you can’t have everything right?

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