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Minnie Mouse ears and red liquid lipsticks

Minnie’s MAC Lipstick Collection

April 1, 2019 No Comments

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So we all know and love the classic red lip that Minnie Mouse herself brought to everyone’s attention. You just can’t go wrong can you? It’s seductive when it needs to be, adds a little pop to your outfit but can give off those romantic vibes too when needed. Like Minnie, I love a classic red.

But did you know that this mouse isn’t just a fan of the bright reds? As it turns out there’s a lot more to her MAC collection and we need to know about it.

Why does Minnie love a good *MAC lipstick? Well they are non-drying, are well pigmented and there’s a huge variety of shades and textures.. to name a few reasons. Plus we all love a lipstick that can fit in your pocket.

You rarely see Minnie with a bag now do you?

Honeylove | Matte

Honeylove is actually the least favourite of Minnie’s collection but it’s not a complete right off.

It’s just not the right shade for this mouse. Although the warm beige tone can look beautiful on other’s, it may be a little light for some. For the right skin tone this could be the perfect nude.

Velvet Teddy | Matte

So many MAC fans raved about this shade so into the shopping basket it went. Velvet Teddy is a browny nude shade and is most likely to be Minnie’s everyday shade (you know when she’s not fancying a red).

It’s a fairly deep shade, but isn’t overwhelming and is perfect for all occasions.

Minnie mouse ears and MAC lipsticks

Honeylove, Velvet Teddy, Brave, Twig, Cosmo, Mehr, Mocha, Taupe, Whirl, Verve, Studded Kiss

Brave | Satin

Brave fits in nicely with the pink Spring vibes and it’s not just Merida who loves this shade.

It’s a beautiful pink tone that although has a bit of pop to it, can be great for a more subtle look.

Twig | Satin

Arguably another staple in many MAC collections. Twig is a pinky-brown shade and is simply beautiful.

Once again, it’s not too in your face (because Minnie is not about that) but it still has the perfect kick of colour.

Cosmo | Amplified

Keeping with the pink shades (it’s becoming bit of a theme here) although very pretty, Cosmo is very similar to some of my other shades and if she’s being completely honest Minnie probably didn’t need it.

That being said, it acts as a good back up to keep in the handbag.

Mehr | Matte

Mehr is a beautiful deep pink shade and it’s another perfect daytime lipstick.

It’s just a touch darker than Brave, so if you like Brave but are looking for more of a matte finish, Mehr is for you.

Mocha | Satin

Diving into the more reddish shades now (of course). Mocha is a perfect lipstick for those who like a reddish look whilst still maintaining hints of pink.

It’s not too dark and dramatic, but still great for a dressy occasion or just an impacting everyday lipstick.

Taupe | Matte

Taupe is most likely the first MAC lipstick that Minnie purchased and she’s quite a fan of the reddish brown shade.

This one particularly works well for the colder seasons. Wouldn’t you agree?

Whirl | Matte

If ever there was a staple MAC lipstick, this could well be it. Whirl is a dark toned, stunning, pinky-brown shade and it has a lot of punch to it.

Verve | Satin

Verve is basically the twin of Whirl but in a satin finish. It’s the tiniest bit pinker, but If it was a choice between the two, Minnie would highly recommend Whirl.

Minnie Mouse ears and MAC lipsticks
Fancy a pin?

Studded Kiss | Matte

Finally the last of her collection. Studded kiss is by far the most dramatic of all the lipsticks. This is an incredible red shade and although it’s not quite the classic, it’s still a fab choice.

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