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Disney World Enchanted Tiki Room

My Ultimate Disney Travel Bucket List

March 28, 2019 No Comments

Disney holidays have clearly become a huge part of my life (can you tell?) and just like you, I am forever wishing for more magical trips and experiences, because tbh who doesn’t want to do it all? Here’s my bucket list. What’s on yours?

You see, the most fantastic, magical things can happen, and it all starts with a wish! So I’m just going to keep on wishing… and saving.


You know what I find really annoying and I know you do too, is when people don’t know the difference between Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris.. I could go on but you get the gist.

Don’t get me wrong, Disney World will always be my home park and I don’t think anything will ever top that for me. I mean I have the castle tattooed on my leg so it’s just as well right?

But still I long no I need to go to the place it all started. Where Walt himself made his vision come to life and oh boy will I ball my eyes out when I finally get there. I know I’m not the only one. We get pretty emotional when it comes to Disney Parks don’t we?

If for only once in my lifetime I get to walk down Disneyland’s Mainstreet and look at that beautiful (slightly smaller, but no hate) castle, I’ll be a very happy girl. And you can guarantee I will be running to Disney’s California Adventure for a race through Radiator Springs, or waiting hours in a good spot for Paint The Night.

I already have so much love for this place. Plus, Disneyland are really upping their game with Disney snacks. Have you seen Cars Cones in DCA?!

Dapper Day

I’ve never really talked about Dapper Day here but I’m kind of obsessed with the outfits. Aren’t you?

I have spent so long scrolling through the gram in awe of those awesome outfits and Disney bounds. They are just so bloody beautiful and I’m desperate to get involved.

If you didn’t know Dapper Day is a fan-made event that started in Disneyland. Park visitors would dress up in their best vintage classics and roam around the park. They own it and I live for it! Now days it’s pretty popular in Disney World too and occurs twice a year.

Don’t worry girl, I’ve got you. There’s more info here.

So here’s something annoying that I know you’ll appreciate. When Jase and I were celebrating our honeymoon last year, we realised the day before that Dapper Day was going to take place in the Magic Kingdom and Animal kingdom.

Had we had not been so overwhelmed with all the wedding stuff, we would’ve planned for this and “dolled up”. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be that year, but I’ll be on it next time.

Disneyland Paris Halloween party

Now I’ve been lucky enough to experience Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in WDW a couple of times and I loved it. Have you had the chance yet?

But I’ve seen a lot of hype around the Halloween event at DLP and I’m so eager. Typically at home I don’t really do Halloween, mainly because no one wants a 24 year old hanging around their door asking for sweets.

Anyway.. Disney make Halloween something to really celebrate and I’m all for it. Plus I’d love to hang out with the villains for a bit. Wouldn’t you?

Not bad considering I was terrified of the Disney villains (and all other characters) at the parks until I was about 7.. embarrassing I know.

Disney Cruise

In general I’m not someone who says “I fancy booking a cruise”. It’s just not really me, but put Disney in the title and you’ll see me swimming to get to that ship no matter how far out it is.

I say this but actually I’m a terrible swimmer..

Regardless, the Disney Cruises look amazing and it would be a whole new world experience for us to experience. I’m keeping my fingers crossed

Disney World , Disney bucket list
Fancy a pin?

Tokyo Disneyland

Can I blame The Tim Tracker and Oh Yeah TV for this one? Yeah I’d say so. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been curious about other Disney parks (heck yeah I’d love to do them all) but up until I saw those Tokyo vlogs I was content in knowing it just may not happen for me.

And now look at me. Forever craving some Alien Mochi Dumplings and wanting to see Stitch in The Enchanted Tiki Room. Don’t judge me..

So admittedly there’s so much more I want to tick of the list but you know I won’t stop when it comes to discussing Disney. I’m guessing you’ve been in that situation too when someone is politely showing interest but not really listening as you babble on about Hidden Mickey’s and Disney construction updates.

But if you need someone who get’s it (because I really do).. I’m here!

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