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3 Wishes : 3 NYX Lip Products

June 14, 2017 No Comments
NYX Liquid lipsticks flatlay

3 Wishes : 3 NYX Lip Products

June 14, 2017 No Comments

Do you recall the day you escaped the cave of wonders? Golden lamp in hand, you had an important decision to make. What were your 3 wishes going to be?

The beauty-fanatic inside you (had it have won) would’ve suggested 3 very magical NYX lip products. Lip products that would’ve boosted your confidence so much, you could’ve taken over Agrabah.

What are these 3 products you ask? Let the Genie take you through them because there’s a whole new world of liquid lipsticks out there.

NYX Liquid lipsticks flatlay

NYX Lingerie

For the days you fancy escaping to the Market Place, you need a lipstick that isn’t going to cause a scene.

*NYX Lingerie lipsticks are a lightweight formula that dry down to a comfortable matte finish and offer an array of beautiful nude tones that give the perfect balance of “effort” without looking over the top.

The lasting power will certainly take you through a few hours of shopping or even a quick ride on a magic carpet, but you may need a touch up after digging into a royal banquet.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Arguably Princess Jasmine’s favourite from the NYX range. The *Soft Matte Lip Creams are the most velvety lipsticks, ideal for hot days in the desert.

Once again another matte finish, but there’s no fear of that dreaded dry lip. The formula sits comfortably on the lips and creates an almost creamy-like texture. Could this range be somehow enchanted?

There’s over 45 shades of these long-lasting, princess-worthy lipsticks and there’s a shade perfect for any occasion.

NYX Liquid Suede

Word in the palace is that an un-named prince is making a royal appearance pretty soon and you need a lipstick that has a little more drama. Nothing too crazy but something that shows you aren’t to be messed with.

Sure you may be a princess, but you don’t need a prince to make you feel good. The *Liquid Suede collection is already doing that for you.

Not too drying but certainly a lot more vivid in colour, these shades range from royal-ball-appropriate to the colours of Agrabah. If you fancy unleashing some brightness, these are for you.

NYX Liquid lipsticks
Fancy a pin?

So are you ready to make your lipstick wishes come true?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which allows me to earn a small commission if you use the provided links to make a purchase. You will not be charged any extra. These links are marked with a *

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