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October Favourites

November 5, 2018 No Comments

October Favourites

November 5, 2018 No Comments

It’s pretty obvious that October hasn’t been my best month for staying organised (I’m working on it) but it has been a month full of new adventures and some self-awareness. Surprisingly it has also been a month of rediscovering old products I once loved and it was only fitting that I mentioned a few in this month’s favourites.

October Favourites

Treaclemoon Coconut Island Body Scrub
I’ve never really invested in a body scrub before and to be honest I can hardly say I invested in this one considering it’s so cheap. Oh I’m a sucker for a coconut scent and this is a glorious bottle full of it. It’s practically a holiday in a bottle and my skin feels so smooth and exfoliated after every use. I’ve even been known to use this on my face when I’m suffering from the annoying dry patches and it does the job perfectly. My skin has never felt so healthy and cared for.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser
I hardly ever head to The Body Shop when I fancy a spree but I had my eye on a particular cleanser and this just happened to fall into my basket at the same time. I seem to be suffering from a love/hate relationship with high-street primers at the moment and this bottle gave me a little hope. Tea Tree is a hit with my skin (the majority of the time) and the concept of minimising pores doesn’t put me off either. Since using this a couple of times I can honestly say that I’m a fan. My skin feels healthy and it partners as a great base for any foundation I’ve used so far. I’m not sure if it drastically minimises pores but the texture is so desirable that I couldn’t possibly complain.

Kat Von D Saint Fragrance
The Kat Von D brand is continuously creeping up into my favourites lately and I’ve wanted to explore the *Saint and Sinner fragrances for months. I admittedly cheated and ordered a travel size set but I’m so glad I did because Sinner (although nice enough) wasn’t one I’d personally wear often enough to want to pay for a full price bottle. Saint however is a beautiful scent and one that I’ll probably invest in later down the line. The bottles themselves are not only beautiful but also the soft, floral aroma with subtle hints of vanilla. Yes please!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
I once used this concealer non-stop and somehow drifted away from it. I found myself picking up a replacement when aimlessly wandering up and down the Boots makeup aisles and now our relationship has rekindled. The coverage cannot be faulted and I almost feel guilty for forgetting how much I loved it.

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
Here’s another product that started to collect dust in the cupboard. I had a mass clear out of unwanted products and knew it would be a terrible mistake to let this one go. I love how delicately and effectively this formula performs and my waterproof mascara disappears within a couple of swipes. It’s a fabulous alternative to my Nivea Double Effect especially when I’m running low.

October Favourites

Sephora Green Tea Micellar Cleansing Water
Another Sephora goodie that I was putting off using as it was my last bottle. Thankfully I can soon stock up on some more so I needn’t feel guilty if it runs out. I love micellar water products at the best of times but the added green tea is just a perfect addition.

The Hill House Haunting
I thought I’d end my list with a totally random one. Netflix has always been an addiction but when I came across The Hill House Haunting, I was hooked even more. I love a paranormal type horror and as a tv series I was just amazed at how effective the storyline was and how I needed to watch each episode asap. It’s a short series based around a family’s past events living in a haunted house. It flicks from past to present with a few jumpy bits and tons of hidden ghostly characters. The twists are just crazy and it’s pure perfection for any lover of the horror genre. I’d happily watch it all again, in fact I’m tempted to start it again right now.

What’s on your October favourites list?

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